This feature is only available for ShopKeep merchants on select pricing packages.

ShopKeep Loyalty

Use ShopKeep Loyalty to reward regular customers and bring in new faces by allowing customers to earn and accumulate points toward store rewards with every dollar they spend. Customers can earn and redeem rewards via the iOS Register App.

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Upgrade to ShopKeep Loyalty

If ShopKeep Loyalty is not part of your current pricing package, follow the steps in this section to upgrade to a package that includes this feature.

If your current package includes ShopKeep Loyalty, follow the steps in the setup section below to get started!

  1. Sign into BackOffice as the Business Owner.
  2. Click ‘Marketing’ and select ‘Loyalty’.
  3. Click ‘Add ShopKeep Loyalty’.

    Don’t see this page? Contact us to ask about upgrading your pricing package.

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  4. Follow the prompts to upgrade to a pricing package that includes ShopKeep Loyalty.
  5. Wait for an email and follow the steps to set up ShopKeep Loyalty.

ShopKeep Loyalty Setup

If ShopKeep Loyalty is part of your pricing package, you will receive an email to initiate setup of the feature. Follow the steps below to learn how to set up, choose point thresholds and reward values, and enable your registers for ShopKeep Loyalty.

Can’t find the setup email? Contact Customer Care for assistance.

  1. Open an email similar to the one below, then click the 'Complete Loyalty Setup' link.
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  2. Enter your business information in the form. Click the arrow to continue.

    Store Name (DBA) | Your customer-facing store name.
    Account Owner Email Address | Email address of the account owner.
    Have you previously set up a ShopKeep Loyalty program at any other ShopKeep Location? | Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ based on whether ShopKeep Loyalty is set up at another store.

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  3. If you have previously set up a loyalty program for another store, enter your other store(s) in the form, then submit.
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  4. When your form is processed, you will receive an email. Click the link to be taken to BackOffice to finish set up.

    This may take up to 3-5 business days.

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  5. Sign into BackOffice as the Business Owner.
  6. In BackOffice, go to 'Marketing' and select 'Loyalty'.
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  7. Click the 'ShopKeep Loyalty Management Portal' link to continue setup
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  8. Click 'Get Started' in the loyalty portal.
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  9. Update the mandatory 'Business Address' and 'Logo' fields.
    a Click the edit pencil for ‘Business Address’ to enter the business address and phone number. Preview this here.
    b Click the edit pencil for ‘Logo’ to upload your business logo. Preview this here.
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  10. Click 'Next' to proceed to the location information.
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  11. Update the mandatory 'Location Address' and 'Opening Hours' fields.
    a Click the edit pencil to enter ‘Location Address’ information. Preview this here.
    b Click the ‘Opening Hours’ link to enter the business hours for the location. Preview this here.
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  12. Click 'Next' to go to the rewards program page.
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  13. Enter a 'Value' and 'Reward Name' for your rewards structure.

    You may add up to 5 discount or item-based rewards.
    Items for item-based rewards will only show up in search if they have been sold on the register since your ShopKeep Loyalty was created.

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  14. Click 'Save' to finish rewards setup in the portal.
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  15. In BackOffice, click 'Enable', then 'Save' to complete BackOffice setup.
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  16. In 'Settings', create a matching discount to use for each reward created.

    Creating a specific discount for each reward allows you to track how often each reward is redeemed via the Sales by Discount report.

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  17. In the ShopKeep Register app, 'Get Updates' from the Control Panel.

You can now enroll / link customers to earn rewards at your location. Continue to the section below to learn how customers earn points at the register.

Earn Points

As customers visit and make purchases, link their ShopKeep transactions to their phone numbers to allow rewards points to accumulate. Reward points equal the number of whole dollars spent (not counting taxes and tips) and points always round down, so if a customer spends $25.76, they will receive 25 points.

  1. In ShopKeep, add items to a sale, select a tender, and complete the transaction as usual.
  2. With Loyalty enabled, a new screen appears where the customer will enter their phone number and taps 'Earn points' to let the customer earn points for that transaction.

    If the customer is already entered you can search for and add the customer at any time during the transaction and they will skip this screen and will not have to re-enter their phone number.
    If an existing customer does not have a phone number, entering the phone number will create a new customer in ShopKeep if not added to the existing customer specifically (customers cannot be merged).

  3. Customer taps 'Done' to complete the transaction.

View Current Points

When customers inquire if they have earned enough points for a reward, use the ShopKeep Register app to view their current points total and any earned rewards.

  1. In ShopKeep, tap 'Select Customer' and search for or enter the customer's phone number.
  2. Tap the 'i', information icon, from the menu to see the customer's more detailed information.
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  3. Scroll to the 'Loyalty' section view points and rewards information.
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Redeem Points

Once customers have accumulated enough points to earn a reward, they can use those points at the register to redeem that reward

  1. In ShopKeep, add items to a transaction as usual.
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  2. Tap 'Select Customer', search for or enter the customer's phone number, and select them.
  3. Tap the star icon to view and apply available rewards.

    The star icon (or gift, when a reward has been selected) shows cashiers a selected customer’s loyalty status at a glance.
    Empty Star | Customer has not signed up for loyalty or does not have enough points for a reward.
    Yellow Star | Customer has earned enough points for a reward.
    Gift | Displays a popup box asking if you want to redeem a reward.

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  4. Scroll to the 'Loyalty' section and tap an eligible reward.
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  5. Tap 'Continue' on the popup that appears.
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  6. Add the qualifying item (if not already added) or discount to the transaction.
  7. Complete the transaction as normal.

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