This feature is only available for ShopKeep merchants on select pricing packages.

ShopKeep Loyalty

Use ShopKeep Loyalty, powered by AppCard, to reward regular customers and bring in new faces by creating a points-based rewards program offering store discounts. Keep customers engaged and coming back as they earn and redeem rewards at the register.

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ShopKeep Loyalty Setup

If ShopKeep Loyalty is part of your pricing package, you will receive an email after signup to initiate setup for the feature. Follow the steps below to learn how to choose your points threshold and reward value, download the AppCard for ShopKeep app, and activate your registers for ShopKeep Loyalty. Can’t find the setup email? Contact Customer Care for assistance.

  1. Open the email, then click the 'Complete Loyalty Setup' link.
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  2. Enter your business information in the form. Click the arrow to continue.
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    Store Name (DBA) | Your customer-facing store name.
    Account Owner Email Address | Email address of the account owner.
    Business Phone Number | The phone number at this location.
    Business Address | Physical address of this location.
    How many ShopKeep registers do you have at this location? | Enter the number of active registers. You will need a unique activation code for each register.
    Have you previously set up a ShopKeep Loyalty program at any other ShopKeep Location? | Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ based on whether ShopKeep Loyalty is set up at another store.

  3. If you are setting up a loyalty program for the first time, enter the criteria for the program. Click 'Submit'.

    Note: Your Loyalty Reward discount will be created by our team in BackOffice. Your discount will be in the format of “$10 Loyalty Reward” with the dollar amount matching your reward criteria. Run the Sales by Discount report in BackOffice to see how often these discounts are applied.

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  4. If you have previously set up a loyalty program for another store, enter your other stores in the form, then submit.
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  5. When your form is processed, you will receive an email from ShopKeep with your activation code(s).

    This may take up to 2 business days.

  6. Download 'AppCard for ShopKeep' from the App Store on a register.
  7. Open 'AppCard for ShopKeep', then tap 'Existing Merchants: Sign In'.
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  8. Enter the activation code from the email.
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  9. If you have more than one register, toggle on the multiple register switch, then enter the ShopKeep register number, which you can find on the Register or in BackOffice.
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  10. Tap 'Submit'.
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  11. In ShopKeep, 'Get Updates'.
  12. Repeat steps 6 - 11 on each additional register.

You can now enroll / link customers to earn rewards at your location. Continue to the section below to learn how customers can earn points.

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Earn Points

As customers visit your store and make purchases, link their ShopKeep transactions to AppCard to allow customer points to accumulate.

  1. In ShopKeep, add items to a check.
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  2. Open 'AppCard for ShopKeep' from the iPad home screen.
  3. Enter the customer's phone number in AppCard, then tap 'OK'.

    For new customers, follow the step below. For existing customers, continue to step 5.

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  4. For new AppCard customers, make a selection on the prompt.

    Tap ‘Send SMS’ to send the customer a link to download AppCard. Tap ‘No SMS’ to skip this step.

  5. Tap 'ShopKeep' in the top left corner to return to the ShopKeep transaction screen.
  6. Complete the transaction as usual.

    Reward points equal to the number of dollars spent are assigned to the customer in AppCard. Note that points always round down, so if a customer spends $25.76, they will receive 25 points.

Redeem Rewards

When customers earn enough points for the reward you determined, use the AppCard and ShopKeep apps to redeem their rewards.

  1. In AppCard, enter the customer's phone number, then tap 'OK'.
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  2. Tap 'Redeem Points' from the menu to see available rewards.
  3. Select the available reward, then tap 'Redeem'.
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  4. Tap 'OK' to confirm.
  5. Tap 'OK' to redeem the reward in AppCard.

    Return to ShopKeep to apply the reward to a transaction.

  6. Return to ShopKeep.
  7. Start a new transaction or resume an existing transaction.
  8. Apply the ShopKeep Loyalty reward created during setup to the transaction and tender as usual.

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