Freeform Wooden iPad Air POS Stand Setup

Made from sustainably harvested wood, the Freeform Wooden iPad Stand makes a great addition to any countertop. Follow along below to learn how to install your iPad in the Freeform stand.

Watch our Freeform Stand Setup video below:

Freeform Made iPad Stand Setup

Table of Contents

In the Box

The Freeform Wooden iPad Stand ships with all of the parts listed below.

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  • Freeform Woodworks Wooden iPad Air POS Stand
  • 4mm Allen Wrench
  • 4 Screws
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Stand Setup

    Using just the included parts and pieces, assembling the Freeform is a breeze.

    1. Unscrew each of the 2-part screws using the Allen wrench.
      Misplace your Allen wrench? Visit our Troubleshooting Guide to learn what size replacement to get.
    2. Slide, then lift the face piece to separate it from the stand.
    3. Flatten the stand and place the iPad on it.

      If using an iDynamo with a compatible Freeform stand, connect it before moving to step 4.

    4. Carefully reattach the face piece by placing it on top.
    5. Insert both halves of each screw into the stand and use the Allen wrench to tighten.

    With setup complete, visit our Best Practices Guide to learn how to take care of the stand.

    Questions? Visit our FAQ or check out our Troubleshooting Guide for help with common issues.

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