Tips and Gratuity

Collect, pay out, and view reporting on the credit card tips your customers leave at the register.

Table of Contents

Enable Gratuity Settings

Decide how your customers tip at the register or choose to disable tipping altogether.

1 Sign into BackOffice as account owner.

2 Click Settings. Then, Receipts.


3 Click the Paper Receipt tab.


4 Choose an option for Tips and Signature.


5 (optional) For Tip and signature on screen, configure additional settings:

Combine the tip and signature screens into one or keep them separate.


Customize the suggested tips your customer sees. Choose amount or percentage and specify how much.


Don’t see these options? Update your registers to version 2.6.7 or above.

6 Press Save to confirm.

7 Get Updates on the iPad register.

Gratuity at the Register

Click through the tabs below to learn how to accept gratuity at the register. Update your registers if your experience looks different than ours below.

Tip and Signature on Screen

1 Tap Credit to tender the sale.


2 Customer swipes/taps their credit card on the reader.

3 Customer chooses an option for tip.

Choose a suggested tip, enter a Customer Tip, or No Tip.


4 Customer signs the screen with their fingertip & taps Charge.


5 Select an option for receipt and tap Done.


6 Tap Done again to finish up.


Tip and Signature on Paper Receipt

1 Tap Credit to tender the sale.


2 Customer swipes/taps their credit card on the reader.

3 Customer signs and adds tip on the printed receipt.

4 Cashier add tips from receipts or selects No Tip.

Or, select Adjust Tip Later to enter the tip at a later time.


5 Then, press Charge.


6 Select an option for receipt. Then, Done.


Performing Gratuity Payouts

Be able to give cash from the register to employees for credit card tips collected throughout the shift.

1 Sign into the iPad as a manager.

2 Tap Pay In / Payout on the Control Panel.

3 Choose Non-Cash Gratuity.

4 Enter the amount to pay out and press Continue.

5 Add a comment (optional). Tap Done and OK to finish.


The ‘from 0.00 gratuity total‘ amount is the cumulative total of all gratuity collected during the shift. Performing a payout does not change this amount.

Gratuity Reporting

Learn the different ways to view gratuity reporting.

Gratuity by Date Range

View all collected gratuity within a certain date range by viewing the Summary View on the Analytics Dashboard. The Summary view displays important sales data, including total gratuity, in an easy-to-print format.

1 In BackOffice, click Analytics and select Analytics Dashboard.


2 Select a date range and tap Retrieve.


3 Click Summary View.


The Summary Report shows a total of all gratuity collected within the time range selected.


Gratuity Per Cashier

To view collected gratuity per cashier use the Transactions Table in BackOffice.

1 In BackOffice, go to Analytics > Transactions.

2 Select a date or date range and tap Retrieve.

3 Filter table by employee.


4 Export Transactions and open in any spreadsheet software.


The Transactions Table shows all collected gratuity per filtered employee within the time range selected. It can be summed in the spreadsheet by selecting and highlighting the gratuity column.

Payouts by Shift

To view total payouts done by shift, use the Shifts Summary in BackOffice.

1 In BackOffice and go to Analytics > Shifts Summary.

2 Select a date or date range and tap Retrieve.

The Shifts Summary gives information on each of your shifts including total payouts performed.