iCMP Bluetooth Credit Card Reader Set Up

Set up the iCMP Credit Card Reader to use it with the register. The iCMP is capable of swiped, contactless, and EMV chip card payments. Currently, ShopKeep does not support EMV, but that functionality is coming soon.

View our iCMP Set Up video below.

Table of Contents

First Time Setup

The iCMP pairs wirelessly with the iPad via Bluetooth. Before setting it up for the first time, charge the reader for a minimum of 3 to 6 hours.

Once setup is complete, visit our best practices guide to learn how to care for the reader.

1 Plug the included micro USB cable into the charging port.


2 Plug the other end of the cable into the included power adapter.

3 Leave the iCMP to charge for 3 to 6 hours.

4 Pair the reader with your iPad.

Do NOT use an iPad charging brick with your iCMP Credit Card Reader as it is too powerful.

Pairing with the iPad

Pair the iCMP with an iPad to use it with ShopKeep. If the iCMP was previously paired with a different iPad, unpair it first before proceeding.

1 Open the iPad’s Settings app, tap Bluetooth, and switch it on.


2 Press the button above the micro USB post to turn on the reader.


3 When BT Pairing Required appears on screen press the F1 button.


4 Press the F2 (down) and F3 (up) keys to select your iPad.


5 Press the green button to find your BT Pairing Pin.


6 Enter the PIN from the reader into the popup on the iPad and press Done.

You have 1 minute to pair the reader and iPad before the PIN expires.


Under DEVICES on the iPad, a device labeled “iCM…” appears and the reader displays a ShopKeep logo.

7 (optional) Tap Ignore to dismiss the “App Not Installed…” pop-up.

Having trouble pairing the iCMP? Check out our iCMP Troubleshooting guide.

Basic Functions

Click each of the tabs below to learn basic functions of the iCMP Bluetooth Credit Card Reader.

1 Press the button on the right side above the micro USB port.


2 The reader boots up and displays a ShopKeep logo.

1 Unplug the iCMP reader from power.

2 Hold down the yellow key and the .,#* key at the same time for 1-2 seconds.



1 Ring up a transaction and tap Credit in ShopKeep.

2 With the card stripe facing up, swipe the card through top slot of the reader.

3 Wait for payment to be approved and continue with closing the transaction.

Check out the Accepting Credit Cards support article for more info.

Apple Pay & Contactless

1 Ring up a transaction and tap Credit in ShopKeep.

2 The customer holds their phone within 1″ of the iCMP and chooses a credit card to use.

3 The customer places their finger on the iPhone’s home button to authorize the sale.

4 The customer waits for their phone to vibrate and confirm payment.

5 Continue the transaction as normal on the register.

See our article on Apple Pay for more information and merchant processor conditions.

Unpairing the iCMP Bluetooth Credit Card Reader

Unpair the iCMP reader from your iPad before pairing it with a different device.

1 Open the iPad’s Settings app and tap Bluetooth.

2 Under DEVICES, tap the circled “i” icon next to the device labeled “iCM…”

3 Tap Forget This Device then OK on the confirmation screen.

4 Press the reader’s black F key four times in quick succession.

BT Pairing Required appears on screen. If you don’t see this, repeat step 4.

You are now free to re-pair the reader to this or another iPad.