Bulk Management: Items with Variants

Manage your store’s inventory using the bulk management tool. Upload a spreadsheet containing your inventory data, including variants, to add or modify multiple items at once.

Bulk Management: Items with Variants

Table of Contents

Create a New Job

Create a new job to upload a spreadsheet containing inventory data. Start here to add or modify items.

  1. Sign into BackOffice.
  2. Click 'Items', then choose 'Bulk Manage Items'.
  3. Click 'New Job'.
  4. Select an action to add or modify inventory.

    *Items with variants cannot be deleted using bulk management, but can be deleted from the items list.

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  5. Click 'Next' to begin the new job.

Add New Inventory

Add your inventory items by uploading a spreadsheet containing the item data, including variants.

Prepare the Spreadsheet

Download the blank inventory template and enter your inventory data.

  1. Click 'Download blank inventory template'.
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  2. Open the template using any spreadsheet software.

    If you don’t have a spreadsheet software, try Open Office for free!

  3. Enter your inventory data, including variants into the spreadsheet.

    For a full rundown of what all the spreadsheet columns mean, click here!

    *Price type cannot be ‘Open’ or ‘Unit’ for items with variants.

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  4. Save the file in the format based on the spreadsheet software being used. Visit our Bulk Importing article to verify before continuing.

Upload the Spreadsheet

With your spreadsheet completed, upload it from the New Job page.

  1. The default selection is 'Add New Inventory'. Click 'Next' to continue.
  2. Click 'Choose File' to select the newly saved spreadsheet.
  3. Click 'Next' to continue.
  4. Map the Stock Item Field to Your CSV Headers. Unassigned fields will be set to their default state.
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  5. Click 'Next'.
  6. Verify that the correct fields are mapped, then click 'Confirm & Proceed' to complete the import.
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  7. View the Bulk Manage homepage to check the status of your upload.
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Modify Inventory

If you have to make changes to Register Status, Price, Cost, Quantity, Reorder Trigger, and UPC for a number of products, Modify Inventory is the quickest way to do it.

Preparing the Spreadsheet

Since you’re updating existing inventory, you’ll need to start with a spreadsheet of your inventory provided by the BackOffice.

  1. Select 'Modify Inventory' from the New Job page, then click 'Next'.
  2. Click the link to Export your existing inventory to a CSV.
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  3. Open the newly downloaded .csv spreadsheet.

    The spreadsheet will appear in your downloads folder.

Upload the Spreadsheet

With your inventory exported, you’ll need to edit the file to remove items you aren’t updating, and make changes to the items you’re modifying. This requires spreadsheet software such as Excel, Numbers, or Open Office.

  1. Edit the spreadsheet. Save or Export as .CSV when finished.

    Register Status, Price, Cost, Quantity, Reorder Trigger, and UPC can be updated here. This is an example of a price update. The Item UUID is required for import, Name stays as a reference but isn’t updated; Price is the only parameter that’s changed. Anything not being updated should be removed from the spreadsheet.

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  2. In the BackOffice, choose 'File' to select your .csv then click 'Next'.
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  3. Set any field not being updated to unassigned.
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  4. When finished mapping the import, press 'Next' and then 'Confirm & Proceed'.
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  5. Refresh the page to see the final results of your import.
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Template Fields Explanation

Templates have columns that match up with parameters for BackOffice items. For example, entering something under Name in the spreadsheet will make that the item name in the BackOffice. This section explains what these columns mean and what information is required in each.

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When modifying inventory, ‘Cost’ is unmapped by default. Modifying cost will override weighted average cost calculations.