iPad Register for
Retail Businesses

Learn how to Clock In, set up Auto Signout and other features that are useful for retail businesses (including commission based retail).

If you haven’t set up your BackOffice settings yet, visit the BackOffice for Retail!

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Signing In / Out & Clocking In / Out

Track your employee’s punches by having them clock in upon beginning their shift. Add your employees in your BackOffice and give them 4-digit register codes before proceeding.

View our Starting Your Day video below to learn how to clock in and sign in during your shift.

Starting Your Day

Clocking In & Clocking Out

At the beginning and the end of every shift, clock in and out to record employee work hours. Time clocks are recorded and can be adjusted in BackOffice.

  1. Begin on your ShopKeep Sign In screen by entering your 4-digit register code.
  2. Tap 'Clock-In'. Your punch will be saved and can be reviewed in BackOffice.
  3. After your shift is over, enter your code on the Sign In screen, then tap 'Clock-Out'.

    If an employee makes a mistake clocking in or out, visit the Time Clock in BackOffice to adjust the punches.

Signing In & Signing Out

Signing In and Out of the register app keeps your account secure and your Time Clock reporting accurate. Employees and managers with access to the register will have a register code to log in and out with. Set up this code in BackOffice when setting up your staff list.

  1. On the Sign In screen, enter your 4-digit register code.
  2. Tap 'Sign in' to access your register.
  3. To Sign Out, tap 'Sign Out' at the top of the Control Panel.

Visit our ShopKeep Time Clock article to see detailed clocking in and out steps. Also, check out our Activate & Sign In article to learn more about logging in and out of the app.

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Auto Sign Out

Keep your register secure, especially when the store gets busy. Auto Signout automatically signs your register out after a set amount of time. To enable Auto Signout after each transaction, visit our Auto Signout Setup page.

Click below to watch a short video on how to setup Auto Signout on your register!

Auto Sign Out

Auto Sign Out Set Up

  1. Go to Settings app on the iPad’s home screen.
  2. Scroll through your settings and select 'ShopKeep'.
  3. Toggle the on/off switch to turn on the feature.
  4. Set the amount of time that your register should sign out. Your changes will be saved automatically.

Visit our Auto Signout article to learn more about this feature.

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Receipts can be printed for sales and returns. Print gift receipts for your customers, especially during the busy holiday season. Receipt printing settings by managers in BackOffice.

Receipt Options

Select one of these receipt options at the register, after ringing in items and collecting payment.

Email Receipt | A copy of the sales receipt is sent to an email address.

Print Receipt | A copy of the sales receipt prints out at your receipt printer.

Print Gift Receipt | Print a copy of the sales receipt without the price.

Reprint Receipt

Receipts can be reprinted at any time. In BackOffice, you can reprint transaction receipts from the Transaction Table. Follow the steps below to reprint a receipt from the register.

  1. On the Control Panel, tap 'Reprint Receipt'.
  2. Choose a transaction from the current shift.

    If you need to reprint a receipt from a previous shift, download the receipt from the Transaction Table in BackOffice. Write down the receipt number (the really long number at the top of the receipt), then tap ‘Reprint Receipt’ on the register. At the top of the screen, tap the search bar. Enter the receipt number and search.

  3. Choose 'Reprint Receipt' or 'Print Gift Receipt'.

If you’d like to learn more about printing receipts from the register, visit our Using the Register article.

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Shift Report

View a shift’s total sales, returns, and gratuity by tapping ‘Shift Summary’ in the app’s Control Panel. Print a shift report from your receipt printer by following the steps on our guide.

Shift Report Details

Shift # 1 | Register number and shift number for the iPad register.

Opened | Who opened the shift.

# Transactions | Total transactions for the shift.

Opening Amount | Amount of cash in the drawer at the opening of the shift.

Cash Sales | Total cash sales for this shift.

Cash Returns | Minus cash returns for the shift.

Drops / Payouts / Purchases | Cash removed from the drawer to purchase inventory, etc.

Pay Ins | Additional Cash added to your cash drawer.

Sales | Totals sales before tax.

Discounts / Returns | Minus discounts and returns.

Net Sales | Total sales after discounts and returns.

Gift Card / Certificate Issues | Liabilities issued.

Gratuity | Credit card gratuity total.

Tax | Total tax.

Total Tendered | Total received, regardless of any other factors.

Tender Breakdown | Amount collected separated by tender. Liabilities are marked with (L).

Credit Breakdown | Amount collected via credit card by card type.

Shift Report Per Employee

Each employee’s register activity is viewable for the current shift. Managers can view all sales during a shift, while Cashiers can only view their sales data for the shift.

Managers | Can view all sales or sales per employee by tapping the dropdown menu under all employees.

Cashiers | Can view their sales only.

An X report can also be printed for each employee with the details of their register activity.

Shift Report for Previous Shift

Print a previous shift’s Shift Report directly from the register.

  1. Select 'Shift Report' from the Control Panel.
  2. Tap the date and select a shift.
  3. Tap 'Print Z Report' to print a copy to a receipt printer.

Learn more about the shift reporting here!

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Additional Features

These are a few features that might be useful for your commission based retail store.

Click below to watch a video about setting up these features!

Additional Features (Training Guide)

Adding Customers

Add customers to your customer list to email receipts, send marketing emails, and track purchases. Click for more information on managing customers.

  1. Tap 'Walk-In' on the right side of your Transaction screen.
  2. On this menu, you may tap the ( + ) icon to add a new customer.
  3. Fill in the customer's information and hit 'Save'.

Applying Discounts

Apply discounts to reward your loyal customers, employees, sale items, and any other deductions.

  1. Select the items for purchase.
  2. To discount the entire transaction tap 'Discount' on the right side of your cashier screen.
  3. Choose to apply an Open Amount, Open Percentage, or Named Discount.
  4. To discount only specific items, tap the ( + ) icon next to the line item.
  5. Select if you'd like to apply an Open Amount, Open Percentage, or Named Discount.
  6. Apply the discount.

    For discounts that require managers approval, have a manager verify by entering their register code. If not, you’re all set and your discount has been applied.

Pay Ins / Payouts

Pay Ins and Payouts can be found on the register Control Panel and are used to keep track of cash flow during a shift. Pay Ins account for cash that is added to the drawer and payouts account for cash removed from the drawer.

  1. Sign into the register as a manager.
  2. Tap 'Pay Ins / Payouts' on the Control Panel.
  3. Tap 'Pay In'.
  4. Enter the amount that you would like to add to the register. Then, tap 'Ok'.
  5. Tap 'Payout'.
  6. Enter the amount removed from the drawer. Then, tap 'Ok'.
  7. (Optional) Enter a comment to record why there's a Pay In or Payout.
  8. Tap 'Done'.

Visit our Pay In and Payout article to learn more about these features and how they appear in BackOffice reporting.

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