Receipt Printer Setup

Set up the Star Micronics TSP100 Ethernet Printer to start printing receipts. Connect a cash drawer to the printer so it pops open automatically when a cash transaction is run.

Setting up an Epson TM-m10 / TM-m30 ethernet receipt printer? Visit this article instead.

Watch our Ethernet Printer Setup video below:

Star Ethernet Receipt Printer Setup

Table of Contents

In the Box

The Star Micronics TSP100 ethernet receipt printer ships with all of the parts listed below.

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  • TSP100 Ethernet Printer
  • Power cable
  • 6′ Ethernet Cable
  • Test Roll of Thermal Paper
  • Wall mounting brackets and screws
  • 4 rubber feet
  • Switch cover
  • Simple setup sheet/Manual
  • Safety guide
  • Black Plastic Insert (not needed with ShopKeep)
  • Ethernet Printer Setup

    Continue below to start setting up the printer and cash drawer.

    Once finished, visit our best practices guide to learn how to care for the printer and cash drawer.

    WiFi Network Setup

  • Before beginning, you will need WiFi at your location and access to the router. These printers are not wireless and must be plugged into a router via physical ethernet connection in order to connect wirelessly with the iPad.
  • Network setups vary, and some internet service providers may include a router/modem device. In lieu of an existing router, we suggest our supported Google Wifi. If your router is far away or inaccessible, consider using an ethernet cable extender pack or 5 port ethernet switch to length the reach of your ethernet cable.
  • Visit our Best Practices for Network Setup article for tips on optimizing your network for ShopKeep.
  • Connect the Printer to Router

    Physically set up the printer by connecting it to the router, to power, and loading the paper.

    1. Plug the ethernet cable into the left most port labeled 100/10BASE.
    2. Plug the power cable into the right most port.
    3. Connect the opposite end of the ethernet cable to a numbered port on the router.
    4. Push back the lever to open the cover, load the paper, and close the cover on the paper.

      Paper must feed from the bottom of the roll as shown below.

    5. Connect the power cable to an outlet and flip the on/off switch to turn the printer ON.
    6. Wait for the READY light to turn solid blue or green.

      The READY light color depends on the model & version of the printer.

    Cash Drawer Setup

    Connecting the cash drawer to the receipt printer takes just a couple quick steps.

    1. Plug the cash drawer cable (small head) into the printer’s DK port.
    2. Plug the other end (larger head) into the bottom of the cash drawer.

      If you run into issues when connecting your cash drawer, check out our Troubleshooting Guide.

    Connect to ShopKeep

    Connect the iPad to the same WiFi network as the printer and open ShopKeep to finish setting up.

    1. In ShopKeep, choose 'Hardware Setup' from the Control Panel.
    2. Tap 'Printer Setup'.
    3. Toggle the 'On' switch next to your receipt printer.

      Switches can be toggled on or off at each register to change the status of printers.

    4. (Optional) Tap 'Test Print' to confirm that the printer is ready and working.

    Do you have more questions? Check out our Printer FAQ!

    Are you already set up but running into issues? Check out our Troubleshooting Guide for solutions to common printer problems!

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