Ending Your Day

Once the business day is over, end your day in ShopKeep to wrap things up. Print a register shift report, close the register shift, and clock out at the register.

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This printable report tracks shift sales, returns, pay ins, payouts, safe drops, voids, deleted items, items from discarded transactions, and saved sales as well as the opening and expected drawer amounts and how much the drawer is over or short by. View all staff activity for the entire shift or filter by individual employee.

Attention Saved Sales Sync and Serverless Sync™ users:
We recommend closing all saved sales on one register. Sales appear on the shift report of the register where they were closed. Closing saved sales on the same register means you won’t need to add shift reports together later.

  1. Open the Main Menu and tap 'Register Shift Report'.

    Don’t see ‘Register Shift Report’? Tap ‘Shift Report’ instead.

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  2. Tap 'Print X Report' to print a summary of shift activity so far.

    This prints to a connected receipt printer. If you have any problems printing the register shift report, visit one of our printer troubleshooting guides.

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    Managers see totals for all employees but can tap to select a specific employee.

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    Cashiers see only their summary.

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Close the Register Shift

When your business closes its doors, close the register shift in ShopKeep to end the day. After a register shift is closed, cashiers cannot run transactions. Only Register Managers, not cashiers, can close shifts.

  1. Sign into the register as a manager.
  2. On the Main Menu, tap 'Close Register Shift'.

    Don’t see ‘Close Register Shift’? Tap ‘Close Shift’ instead.

  3. Count the cash left in the drawer, enter that amount, and tap 'Close Shift'.
    • The closing drawer amount cannot be changed after closing the register shift.
    • There is no need to also close your credit card batch. Batch closure happens automatically just after midnight by default.
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    Receiving an error while closing the shift? Visit our troubleshooting guide for help.
  4. Tap 'Print Z Report' to print a summary of the register shift to a connected receipt printer.

    Z reports recap the entire register shift and tell you if the drawer total was over or under the expected amount. Visit the X and Z Reports article to learn how to reprint a previous shift’s Z report.

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  5. (Optional) On the Main Menu, tap 'Sign Out' to return to the sign-in screen.

    ‘Sign Out’ is only available when more than 1 employee is set up in BackOffice.

If you have any problems closing the register shift, visit our Manager Functions Troubleshooting guide for help.

Clock Out

Before leaving, clock out with your unique register code to record an end of day clock punch.

Clocking out requires an active internet connection at the register and more than 1 employee to be set up in BackOffice. Without internet, clock punches will not be recorded or synced to the BackOffice Time Clock report.

  1. On the sign-in screen, enter your register code and tap 'Clock Out'.
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  2. Tap ‘OK’ to dismiss the clock punch notification or ‘Print’ to print a chit to a connected receipt printer confirming the punch.
    • Employees must be clocked in to be able to clock out and vice versa.
    • Don’t have a receipt printer? Take a screenshot or photo of the screen.
    If a different clock punch notification appears, stay tuned as we slowly roll out this new experience for everyone.
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If an employee clocks in or out at the wrong time or has other issues using the time clock, visit our troubleshooting guide for help.