Receive & Adjust Inventory

Learn how to receive and adjust inventory items with ease. Adjusted inventory is tracked in the BackOffice, so you know what happened and when. Receiving items is a simple way to add units into inventory and update the cost simultaneously.

Table of Contents

Receive Inventory

Receive Inventory allows merchants to replenish stock from their reorders and also update item cost.

Check out our Receive Inventory video below:

1 In BackOffice, choose Items from the sidebar & select Receive Inventory.


2 Search for and click the item you’re receiving.

Only active items with Inventory Method set to tracked can be received.


3 Enter the number of Units Received and the Total Line Cost. The new cost is automatically updated.

Total Line Cost = Number of Units Received x Cost of Each Unit


4 Click Save to return to the Item list and see the updated information.

Here, the item costs $1 per unit, instead of $2; so ShopKeep updates with the difference in percentage and the new cost.


You may select multiple inventory items before clicking Save. However, you cannot have more than one of the same item on the list, as duplicates will only save the first item line.

Adjust Inventory

Adjust Inventory allows merchants to quickly add to, remove from, or replace the current quantity on hand for individual inventory items; there are two different ways of doing this.

Check out our Adjust Inventory video below:

Using Adjust Inventory

Adjust Inventory is helpful for adjusting the quantities of several items without having to navigate away from a single page.

1 In BackOffice, choose Items & select Adjust Inventory.


2 Search for and click the item you’re adjusting.

Only active items with Inventory Method set to tracked can be adjusted.


3 Enter a number.


4 Select either Add to Count or Replace Count.

From the Items List

Adjust items from the Items List if you also want to log a reason for the adjustment.

1 In BackOffice, choose Items & select Items List.


2 Search for and click on an item.


3 Choose Adjust.


4 Choose to Add or Remove items from inventory and select a quantity.


5 Enter a reason for the adjustment. This field is required.


6 Click Update.

Inventory Adjustment History

Check out when inventory adjustments are made in BackOffice using the Inventory Adjustment History report.

This is only for adjusted inventory. Currently there is no report for received inventory.

1 In BackOffice, choose Analytics from the sidebar.


2 Under Inventory, select Adjustment History.


3 Select a predefined or custom date range for the report. Then, click Retrieve.


The inventory adjustment history will give you the following information:

  • Date and time of the adjustment
  • BackOffice username of employee who made the changes
  • Reason for the adjustment (for adjusted inventory method default message is Updated in BackOffice)
  • Total number of stock added or removed for that item
  • The item cost at time of adjustment
  • The total line cost
  • Sum of totals for all inventory adjusted during that period