This feature is only available for ShopKeep merchants on select pricing packages.

Modifiers &
Variants Report

Use the Modifiers and Variants report to view item, modifier, and variant sales to determine things like which item version is performing well, which modifiers are frequently chosen, or which variant is least popular.

This report “flattens” the Sales by Item report data. Instead of displaying modifiers and individual variant sales rolled up into the basic item or product with variants total, with nested details available via overlay, everything is visible in the same table. This gives you a more granular comparison to work with.

Here, we’ll show you how to read and run the report in a variety of ways.

Table of Contents

Run the Report

Visit BackOffice to run the report and view item sales data, including modifiers and variants sold.

  1. Click ‘Reports’, then ‘Modifiers and Variants’.
  2. Click the Date icon to choose a preset or custom range then click ‘Retrieve’.

Read the Report

The Modifiers and Variants report reveals sales data on all items, modifiers, and variants sold in one report. Use the report to gain insight into sales during a specified date range including details such as total sales, quantity sold, and net sales.

Differentiate among different item types by looking at the Name column:

  • Basic item rows are indicated by a bold item name.
  • Modifiers are separate rows indented underneath a basic item name.
  • Variants are indicated by item names that have a dash in the middle identifying the top-level item and the specific variant in a single row.
  • Columns

    The Quantity Returned, Returns Amount, Current Cost, Total Costs, Discounts, Gross Margin, and Gross Profit columns are hidden by default. Make sure to enable them in the Filter menu if you’d like to see a full detailed report. Click any header with arrows to sort the table ascending. Click again to sort descending.

    Default Columns

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    All Columns

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    * Item totals are calculated without the price and quantity of the modifications included. The Total row includes all variants, basic items, and modifiers.

    Basic Item & Item with Variants Rows

    Name | The name of the item as it’s listed in the Item List.
    Quantity Sold | The total number of the item sold.
    Current Price | The item’s price at the time the report was run.
    Sales Amount | The amount sold, not including any modifiers. Multiply the item’s unit price by quantity to calculate the amount sold.
    Quantity Returned | The total number of the item that was returned.
    Returns Amount | The amount returned, not including any modifiers. Multiply the item’s unit price by quantity to calculate the amount returned.
    Current Cost | The cost of the item at the time of the transaction.
    Total Costs | The sales amount minus the returns amount.
    Discounts | Discounts on all sold items minus discounts on returns. Check out the Sales by Discount report for a detailed breakdown.
    Net Sales | Sales Total, minus Returns Total, and minus Discounts for returns
    Gross Margin | The difference between Net Sales and Total Costs, divided by Net Sales.
    Gross Profit | The Net Sales minus Total Costs.

    Modifier Rows

    Name | The modifiers’ name.
    Quantity Sold | The total number of the modifier sold.
    Current Price | The modifiers’ most recent price listed at the time of the transaction.
    Sales Amount | The modifiers’ unit price multiplied by the quantity sold.
    Quantity Returned | The total number of the modifier that was returned.
    Returns Amount | The total amount of the modifier that was returned.
    Net Sales | Sales Total, minus Returns Total, and minus discounts for returns.

    Filter the Report

    Filter the report by column to customize which table columns appear on the report. Filter by item to hide items you don’t want to see or to display only specific items.

    1. Click ‘Filter’.
    2. To hide a row, click ‘Show/Hide’ and check/uncheck the boxes to include/exclude headers.

      Only the Quantity Sold, Current Price, Sales Amount, and Net Sales columns are checked by default. Note that Modifiers cannot be filtered.

    3. Click 'Items' to filter by item name. Check/uncheck the box next to an item's name to include/exclude it.

      Use the search bar to quickly find a specific item to filter or scroll through your complete item list.

    Export the Report

    Download a copy of your Modifiers and Variants report to analyze and filter the data using spreadsheet software. Export the report and filter/sort it in spreadsheet software to view items with variants in an organized group. Note that the export will include any row filters you’ve set prior to exporting.

    1. On the Table View, click ‘Export’.
    2. Wait for the export to generate. Check the box to be notified by email when exports are ready for download (optional).

      Exports ready within a few seconds will automatically download to your computer. Click ‘Close’ to close the message box.

      Exports that take more than a few seconds to generate are downloadable via the Export Center when ready. Click ‘Ok’ to close the message box.

    3. After downloading, the export is ready to open in any spreadsheet software.

      Click the icon to download the report.

      Click to Enlarge
      Click to Enlarge

    Use the Print feature to generate the report in a printer-friendly format that can be printed or saved as a PDF.

    1. Click ‘Print’.
    2. Wait for the report to open in a new browser tab.
      Click to Enlarge
    3. Click ‘File’ on the web browser's menu and select ‘Print’.

      You can also choose to save the print view as a PDF for easy sharing.

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