Sales by Item Report

Track your most popular stock items with the Sales by Item report. See which items sell the best, which are most profitable, and which are discounted most often over any period of time.

Table of Contents

Run the Report

From BackOffice, run the Sales by Item report for an overview of individual item sales.

  1. Click 'Analytics' and select 'Items'.
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  2. Click the Date icon to choose a preset or custom range, then click 'Retrieve'.
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Read the Report

The Sales by Item report shows which stock items are in demand and which are not. Learn to read this report so you can understand its data and discover new insights about your business.

Bar Charts

The charts show your top items by quantity sold & by sales amount for the selected date range.

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The term Other is a combination of all items outside the top 10.

  1. Hover over or tap on a bar to see the quantity/amount and percent of total for that item.
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Table View

The Table View provides more detailed information about sold items over the selected date range. The first row, Totals, gives the total for each column.

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Quantity Sold | Total number of the item that was sold.

Sales Total | Total sales amount before discounts, returns, gratuity, and tax.

Quantity Returned | Total number of the item that was returned.

Returns Total | Total amount refunded before tax, gratuity, and discounts.

Costs | Cost of all sold items minus the cost of the returned items.
By default, Cost is calculated using the weighted average cost at the time of sale for each item.
To use last cost, follow the steps here to disable the weighted average cost feature.

Discounts | Discounts on all sold items minus discounts on returns.
Want to see more detail on discount usage? Check out the Sales by Discount report.

Margin | Percentage of Net Sales left after accounting for Cost.

Gross Profit | Net Sales minus Cost.

Net Sales | Sales Total, minus Returns Total, and minus Discounts.

  1. Click any header with arrows to sort the table ascending. Click again to sort descending.
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  2. Click any underlined item to see the modifiers or variants sold for that item.
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    Example of an item with modifiers:

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    Example of an item with variants:

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Filter the Report

Use the filter tool to hide items or columns you do not want to see.

  1. Click 'Filter'.
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  2. To hide an item, uncheck its box.

    To show the item again, re-check the box.
    Item filters apply to the Bar Charts, Table View, Export, and Print View.

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  3. To hide a table column, click 'Show/Hide Columns' and uncheck a box.

    To show a column, re-check its box.
    Column filters apply to the Table View and Print View.

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Export the Report

Download copies of sales by item, variants, and modifiers via the Export Center to analyze the data using spreadsheet software.

  1. Click 'Export', then select 'Sales by Item', 'Variants', or 'Modifiers'.

    Sale by Item | Sales information for every item sold over the time period. See sample report.
    Variants | Shows all items sold while displaying details for individual variants. See sample report.
    Modifiers | Displays a breakdown of modifier usage for items with modifiers. See sample report.

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  2. Click 'OK' to continue working while the report is prepared.

    Or click the ‘Export Center’ link to skip step 3 and go directly to the Export Center.

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  3. On the sidebar, select 'Export Center'.
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  4. When the export's status is 'Ready', click the icon to download it.
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  5. After the download finishes, open the export in any spreadsheet software.
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Use the Print feature to generate the report in a printer-friendly format that can be printed or saved.

  1. Click 'Print'.
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  2. Wait for the report to open in a new tab in your browser.
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  3. Click 'File' on the web browser’s menu and select 'Print'.

    You can also choose to save the print view as a PDF for easy sharing.