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The Export Center manages your exports so you’re not stuck waiting on one page for a report to generate. If you misplace an export from the past 7 days, just visit the Export Center to quickly re-download it.

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Export a Report

All previously run exports are stored in the Export Center for convenient downloading. Follow the steps below to load a report and export it from BackOffice.

  • The Export Center supports all exportable reports except the following: Gift Cards & Deposits, Inventory Reorder Report, Stock Items Export, and Customer List Export.
  • The following reports are not exportable: Analytics Dashboard, Shifts Summary, Adjustment History, Inventory Value, and Raw Goods Value.
    1. Click 'Reports' and select a report.
    2. Click the Date icon to choose a preset or custom range, then click 'Retrieve'.
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    3. Select an export option.
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    4. Wait for the export to be generated. Check the box to be notified by email when exports are ready for download (optional).

      Exports ready in a few seconds will automatically download to your computer. Click ‘Close’ to close the message box.

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      Exports that take more than a few seconds to generate are downloadable via the Export Center when ready. Click ‘OK’ to close the message box.

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    Download from the Export Center

    Visit the Export Center to download any export generated over the past 7 days or to retry failed exports.

    1. Click 'Reports' and select 'Export Center'.
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    2. (Optional) Click any header with arrows to sort the table ascending. Click again to sort descending.
    3. When the export's status is 'Ready', click the icon to download it.

      If an export’s status is ‘Failed’, click the icon to try generating it again.

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    4. After the download finishes, open the export in any spreadsheet software.

    For a full explanation of a report’s content, visit that individual report’s support article. Visit our BackOffice support page for a list of all reporting articles.

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