Staff/Employee Troubleshooting

This page focuses on solving issues related to staff/employees and BackOffice time clock punch reporting.

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Staff List Issues

From missing employees to missing settings, this section has solutions to common Staff List problems.

Some employees are missing from the Staff List.

BackOffice managers see a limited staff list which excludes other BackOffice managers. Log in as the Business Owner to view all staff.

  1. Click the arrow at the top and select 'Logout'.
  2. Enter the Business Owner login information and click 'Log in'.

    The Business Owner login is the email and password used to create the store.

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I can't create a new BackOffice Manager.

The Business Owner is the only user who can give an employee BackOffice access. If you don’t see ‘BackOffice Manager’ when adding/editing an employee, you are not signed in as the Business Owner.

  1. Log out of BackOffice.
  2. Log back in as the Business Owner.

If you need step-by-step help logging in and out, follow the steps above.

I created a new employee in BackOffice, but they can't sign in.

This error can occur if employee information is not saved on the Staff List, or ‘Get Updates’ has not been completed on the register.

  1. After an employee is entered or employee information is updated, click 'Save' on the employee information page.
  2. Click 'OK' on the Staff List.
  3. 'Get Updates' on the register.

I accidentally deleted an employee.

Employees cannot be undeleted. If you delete an employee, manually add them back to the Staff List.

Time Clock Issues

If you are having problems with the Time Clock in BackOffice, we have you covered in this section.

Time punches in BackOffice show the wrong time.

There are a few date and time settings that affect how time clock punches display. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot each potential cause of this issue.

  1. Make sure the time zone is set correctly on the device from which you’re accessing BackOffice.
  2. Check the date, time, and time zone settings on the iPad register.
  3. Clock in/out to verify if a new clock punch displays the right time.

    If this displays the correct time but older punches still do not, manually edit the older punches.

Some time clock punches are missing.

There are a few reasons why time clock punches may be missing from BackOffice. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot each potential cause. After each step, check to see if the time punches are still missing.

  1. Verify the date and time range.

    You may have selected the wrong date/time range or not chosen a range at all.

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  2. Sign in to the register as a manager and troubleshoot the pending queue.

    The Pending Queue shows if there is data on the register that has not synced to BackOffice.

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An employee forgot to clock in/out or clocked in/out at the wrong time.

Visit the Using the Time Clock article to learn how a BackOffice Manager can add missed clock punches and edit existing ones.

An employee clocked in/out two times for their shift.

The Time Clock displays more than one shift when an employee clocks in/out multiple times. To fix this issue, simply delete one of the duplicate shifts and adjust the in/out times on the other shift if needed.

  1. Click the trash can to delete one of the shifts.
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  2. Click 'Confirm' to confirm the deletion.
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  3. If necessary, manually edit the remaining clock punches.

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