Login, Access, & Billing Troubleshooting

This page tackles issues that you may encounter while trying to access BackOffice, update billing information, or reset your password.

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Login Issues

This section focuses specifically on issues that you may encounter when trying to login to your BackOffice.

“You did not submit a valid combination of store name, login, and password.”

Try entering your login information again, as it’s possible you may have made a mistake.

Make sure your store name is entered as all lowercase and as one word. The login should be the same as your email address and the password is case-sensitive. If you still can’t login after verifying this information has been entered correctly, follow the steps below.

I entered my login credentials correctly, but I still get an error.

You may need to try logging in from a different web browser or it may help to clear your browser’s cache and cookies. Follow these additional troubleshooting steps below.

  1. Double check that you don't have the Business Owner Email assigned to another employee in BackOffice.
  2. Clear your browser's cache and cookies.
      For Google Chrome follow the steps here.
      For Mozilla Firefox, follow the steps here.
      For Safari, follow along here.
      For Internet Explorer 9, 10, & 11, follow the steps here.

    Note that clearing your browser’s cache and cookies can remove saved passwords, auto-fill data, and other browser-saved data. Additionally, be aware of your browser’s version as the above steps may differ for older browser versions. Perform a Google Search to find cache and cookie clearing steps for your specific browser version.

  3. Try logging into BackOffice from a different browser.
      Download the Google Chrome web browser here.
      Download the Mozilla Firefox web browser here.
      Download the Safari web browser here.
      Download the Internet Explorer web browser here.

“That email address is not valid for this store.”

This error may appear when trying to reset your BackOffice password. Check that the email address entered belongs to the business owner. BackOffice manager passwords can only be reset by the business owner via the Staff List section of BackOffice.

Access Issues

This section focuses on issues that you may encounter while trying to access specific features in your BackOffice, such as the Receipts menu.

Some of my BackOffice Settings are missing.

Some parts of the Settings menu, like Receipts and Register Licenses, are only visible to the business owner. If these are missing, it means you are not signed in as such. The business owner login is the email address used to create the account.

I do not see the "manage account" menu option.

This is likely due to the same reason as above. Only the business owner has access to the Manage Account page. Sign in with the business owner email (the one used to create the ShopKeep account).

If you are signed in as the business owner but still cannot access certain BackOffice functions, it’s probably because the business owner email has been assigned as a login credential for a BackOffice Manager. Assigning the business owner email as login credentials in the Staff List will override the business owner permissions and cause login conflicts. The business owner email should not be assigned to any employee in the BackOffice Staff List. If this has happened, please reach out to Customer Care to resolve the issue.

I'm logged in as the business owner, but still cannot view all features.

Visit the Staff List and make sure that no employee email matches the business owner email. If you are the business owner as well as an employee, do not add the email again in the Staff List, just log in with your business owner email and password.

"This account has been suspended."

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If your billing date arrives and there is no card on file or the charge is declined, your account will become suspended after 30 days. You will be notified by email that the billing was unsuccessful & we will try to bill you again during this period.

The register will continue to work and data will still sync, but access to BackOffice will be restricted until you enter or update the card on file.

Billing Issues

This section focuses on issues related to account billing.

I signed a 1 year contract, but now I want to cancel my account.

Contract plans are non-refundable and cannot be canceled. Contact Customer Care to obtain a copy of your contract with the terms of your plan.

“Number does not match credit card. Please try again.”

This error may appear when trying to enter a credit card for billing in BackOffice. Check that all of the card’s numbers are entered correctly. Check that the credit card information matches the credit card type.

“Required Field Not Completed”

This is another error that can appear when attempting to enter a credit card for billing in BackOffice. Expiration date, CVV, Cardholder Name, and Billing Zip Code are all required fields. Make sure that all of the information is filled out completely and accurately for each field.

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