Bluetooth Printer Troubleshooting

This article focuses on solving problems that can occur after setting up the 650II Bluetooth Printer. If you have not yet set up your printer, check out our Bluetooth Receipt Printer Setup guide.

Table of Contents

Connection & Pairing Issues

Bluetooth printers connect wirelessly to the iPad. This section focuses on that connection and the link between devices.

My printer will not pair with the iPad.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the pairing process.

  • In the Settings app, tap Bluetooth and look for Star Micronics listed as a device.
  • If Star Micronics appears, tap the blue “i” and select Forget This Device.
  • Turn the printer off, then back on.
  • Force quit the ShopKeep app.
  • Follow the steps in our setup guide to pair and set up the printer.
  • I paired the printer with the iPad, but nothing happens when I print receipts.

    The iPad and Printer may have disconnected. Open the iPad’s Settings app, tap Bluetooth, and check if Star Micronics is connected. If the printer is not connected, pair it with the iPad.

    Check printer setup in ShopKeep to see if the printer is switched on.

    The printer is paired and working, but won’t print Kitchen Tickets.

    Kitchen Ticket printing is not available for the Bluetooth 650II printer, instead use the SP700 Ethernet Printer.

    My iPad isn’t connected to the printer and it says Not Connected in the Bluetooth Settings.

    The 650II must be in Pairing Mode to connect to the iPad. Here’s how to re-connect:

    1. On the back of the printer, hold the red PAIR button for 8 ~ 12 seconds.

      The light on the back will blink and stay in pairing mode for 60 seconds.

    2. On the iPad, visit Settings then Bluetooth.
    3. Tap 'Star Micronics' under My Devices.

      If you see an automatic Bluetooth Pairing Request, tap Pair.

    4. Once Connected, open ShopKeep.
    5. On the Control Panel, tap 'Hardware Setup', 'Printer Setup', and tap the switch next to 'Star Micronics' to turn it on.

    Hardware Issues

    When the 650II is connected properly some hardware issues may occur, with lights on the front indicating what’s wrong.

    My printer isn’t responding and both green and red lights are on.

    This indicates that either the printer’s cover is open or the paper is not loaded correctly. Open the cover, make sure the paper is loaded properly, and close the lid.

    My printer works but the green light is solid and the red is flashing.

    A flashing red light indicates the printer’s paper is either low or has run out. Open the cover and insert a new roll.

    I’m receiving the error: "Cover is Open".

    Try these troubleshooting steps in the order listed.

    1. Open the printer’s cover, remove the paper, and reload it.
    2. Close the printer’s cover and power the printer off.
    3. In the iPad Settings app, turn off Bluetooth and turn the printer back on.
    4. Hold down the PAIR button on the back of the printer for 10 seconds.
    5. Turn Bluetooth back on and tap 'Star Micronics' to pair.

      If you see an Automatic Bluetooth Pairing request, tap Pair.