Unit Priced Items

Unit pricing is used for bulk goods, items sold by weight, and other items with prices that vary based on how much a customer purchases. Learn how to use unit priced items with ShopKeep, create a unit priced item in BackOffice, and sell the item at the register.

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Unit Priced Items

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What are Unit Priced Items?

To understand how to use unit priced items with ShopKeep, let’s define what they are and look at some different examples.

Unit priced items are basic inventory items with a set price per unit of measurement. The cashier manually enters the number of units at the register and the price calculates automatically.
Examples of unit priced items:
Weighed Items

Unit pricing allows a business to set a price per pound, ounce, etc. and enter the specific weight sold at the register. Examples include deli meat, produce, and bulk goods.
Measured Items

With unit pricing, a business defines the price per inch, foot, etc. and the cashier enters the specific length being sold at the register. Examples include fabric, chain, and rope.
Time-Based Services

Bike rental, equipment rental, and cleaning services are usually priced on a per-hour or per-day basis. With unit pricing, a cashier enters the length of time at the register and the total calculates automatically.

Create Unit Priced Items

Create a unit priced item in BackOffice so you can sell it at the register.

  1. Log into BackOffice and add a new basic item.

    Only basic items can have unit pricing. Items with variants cannot be unit priced.

  2. Select 'Unit Price' for the Priced field.
  3. Enter a 2 letter abbreviation for the unit used to measure the item.

    For example: oz, lb, kg, etc.

  4. Enter the sale price per unit sold.

    You cannot round to the nearest hundredth here (i.e. if you enter 4.039 as the price, the system will automatically adjust the price to 4.04).

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  5. Select a save option to save the item and Get Updates on each register.

    If you receive an error while getting updates, visit our troubleshooting guide for help.

We recommend using Bulk Management to import inventories in excess of 50 items.

Sell Unit Priced Items

Once created, unit priced items can be sold at the register.

  1. Search, scan, or tap the button to ring up the item.
  2. Enter the quantity being purchased and tap 'Done'.
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  3. Complete the sale as usual.

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