iPad Settings for ShopKeep

From automatic receipt printing to automatic sign-out, check out these optional ShopKeep settings you can customize from the iPad’s Settings app.

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Open ShopKeep Settings

Open the ShopKeep section of the iPad’s Settings app to access a variety of optional register settings, such as automatic receipt printing.

For the Android ShopKeep Register app, access settings from the ‘Setup’ section of the register menu.

  1. Open the iPad's 'Settings' app.
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  2. On the left, scroll down and select 'ShopKeep'.
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  3. Customize the settings described in the sections below.

iPad Settings for Shopkeep

After opening the ShopKeep Register app’s settings, you can enable or disable the features described below.


Notifications alert you with updates on matters affecting your ShopKeep account, such as when there is a service disruption. After enabling this feature, you can toggle notifications off or on and customize notification settings.

Note: Notification settings are only available on the ShopKeep Register for iOS after initially enabling notifications.

  1. Tap ‘Notifications’.
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  2. Tap to toggle ‘Allow Notifications’.
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  3. (Optional) If toggled on, customize ShopKeep notification settings.

    To learn more about notification settings, visit Apple Support.

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Card Signature Threshold

The signature threshold is the amount that determines if a customer needs to sign for a credit transaction. Any sale below the selected threshold will not require a signature.

  1. Tap 'Card Signature Threshold'.
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  2. Select a value between 0 and 25.
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Mask Customer Name and Email

This setting hides names and emails on the register’s customer list to protect customer privacy.

Note: This setting is only available on the ShopKeep Register for iOS.

  1. Tap to toggle 'Mask customer name and email'.
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If on, each customer’s first name and first letter of their last name show. Email addresses are partially hidden.

If off, the register displays customers’ full names and email addresses.

Receipt Options

Switch on an automatic receipt setting so cashiers don’t have to manually select a receipt option at the end of each sale. Enable barcodes on receipts to make it easier to look up a transaction at the register.

Need help setting up receipts? Visit our Paper Receipts and Email Receipts articles.

  1. Tap to toggle each receipt setting.
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    Always print receipt | When on, a receipt prints automatically at the end of each transaction.
    Always email receipt | When on, a receipt is automatically sent via email at the end of each transaction to the customer tagged to the sale/return.
    Show transaction # barcode on receipt | When on, a barcode prints at the bottom of receipts. Scan the barcode on the History / Returns screen to quickly locate the transaction. On the ShopKeep Register for Android, there is no setting to toggle as barcodes automatically print on receipts.

Auto Sign Out User

To prevent the register from staying signed in when no one is using it, enable the ‘Auto Sign Out User’ setting. Employees are automatically signed out of the register after they are idle for the selected amount of time.

To learn how to automatically sign employees out after every transaction, visit the Auto Signout article.

  1. Toggle on 'Auto Sign Out User'.
  2. Tap 'Auto Sign Out After'.
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  3. Select the amount of idle time before the register automatically returns to the sign in screen.
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Transaction Complete Screen

The ‘Transaction Complete’ screen appears by default after customers sign for credit card transactions, but you can disable it with this setting.

Note: This setting is only available on the ShopKeep Register for iOS.

  1. Tap to toggle 'Display the transaction complete screen'.
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  • Visit Best Practices for ShopKeep Apps to learn about other recommended iPad settings.
  • Having issues with ShopKeep settings? Visit our troubleshooting guide for help.
  • Database Settings

    Change database settings to adjust the time frame that shift reports for previous shifts are visible on the ShopKeep Register app. By default, shift reports from the previous 7 days are accessible, but this can be changed to show 2 days instead.
    Note: This setting is only available on the ShopKeep Register for iOS. The ShopKeep Register on Android currently shows shift reports from the previous 2 days.

    1. Tap ‘Access Shift Reports For’.
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    2. Select an option to set how many previous days can have their shift reports available on ShopKeep Register app.
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      Visit our X and Z Reports and Void Reporting articles to view reporting from previous shifts on the register.

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