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The Table Layout feature on the ShopKeep Register app for iOS allows you to create a floor plan of your restaurant or bar, view open and seated tables, and open orders directly from the table layout saving your staff time by enabling them to quickly locate checks according to how tables are arranged in your restaurant. From BackOffice, enable the table layout to customize and use the layout at the register.


The Table Layout feature is a limited pre-release beta version. To learn what to expect and how to provide feedback, continue reading the article below.

This feature is available to select merchants on select pricing packages.

Table Layout is available on the ShopKeep Register for iOS v3.5.0 and above. For help updating visit our updating ShopKeep guide.

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Table Layout Beta Overview

Before officially releasing the Table Layout, we are allowing some ShopKeep customers the chance to use a beta version of this feature. This section tells you what to expect from the beta version, what functionality is available, what future updates are planned, and how to provide feedback on this release.

What does Beta mean?

The Table Layout beta is a limited pre-release version of the feature. As such, we are still working to make improvements and add functionality. We have tested the beta release to ensure it is reliable, but since it is not the final version, there may be issues we have not yet fixed.

Important notes to consider:

  • Table layouts that are created on one register cannot be transferred to another register on that account. You must recreate the table layout on each register for the account if you have multiple registers.
  • Open checks do not currently sync between registers using the Table Layout feature, so a check created at Table 1 on Register A will not appear on Table 1 on Register B. However, the open check will be visible on both registers’ Checks screen.
  • Each table can only hold one check at a time. Therefore, splitting a check will result in the new check being shown on the Checks screen but not on the Tables screen. The original check will remain assigned to the table.
  • Checks must be closed and tips adjusted prior to assigning a new check to a particular table.
  • What functionality is available in the beta?

    Table Layout features currently available in this release:

  • Enable or disable Table Layout in BackOffice
  • Set table layout as default home screen in BackOffice
  • Create a Table Layout on the ShopKeep Register app
  • Add and remove tables and obstacles
  • Name and rename tables and obstacles on creation
Resize and rotate all objects
  • Tap an unused table to open a new check
  • Show tables with active checks
  • Show time elapsed since check was created
  • Pre-populate saved check with table name and time stamp
  • What functionality is ShopKeep planning to add?

    Table Layout features not currently available but either planned or proposed for a future beta release or the first general release:

  • Serverless Sync support (sync table and check assignments EX: Check #123 shows as assigned to Table 3 on all Registers)
  • Set up layout once and apply it to multiple registers
  • Set up multiple layouts and zones (e.g. different areas of restaurant)
  • Multiple checks can be assigned to the same table
  • Transfer a check from one table to another
  • Save multiple checks per table (e.g. splitting the check for Table 1 results in two checks associated with Table 1)
  • Reporting on table layout
  • How do I provide feedback?

    Email with suggestions and other feedback. Specifically, we want to hear:

  • How was your experience setting up your table layout? What could we do to make it easier?
  • Which of the improvements listed above are most important to your business?
  • Visit our Being a Beta Tester article to learn more about ShopKeep betas and how to provide feedback.

    Enable the Table Layout

    For the table layout to appear on your register enable it from BackOffice.

    1. In BackOffice, go to 'Settings', then click 'General'.
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    2. Click the 'Enable' box in the 'Tables' section.
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    3. (Optional) Select 'Tables' in the 'Default Home Screen' section.

      Read our Default Home Screen article to learn more.

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    4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save'.
    5. On the ShopKeep Register, tap 'Get Updates' from the Control Panel.

      Read our Get Updates section to learn more.

    Set Up the Table Layout

    From the ShopKeep Register, set up the table layout of your restaurant according to its floor plan. With the ability to move, resize, and rotate all tables, obstacles, and zone divisions, create a floor plan to your specifications.

    The table layout must be manually set up on the iPad with the ShopKeep Register app and will need to be recreated if the app is deleted.

    1. In ShopKeep, open a shift.

      Read our Open & Close your Shift article to learn more.

    2. Tap 'Tables' from the Control Panel menu.
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    3. Tap 'Edit' to get the table layout grid.
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    4. Tap 'Add' for a drop down of objects to select from.

      Objects include:
      Table (Square, Circle, Rectangle)
      Obstacle (Square, Circle, Rectangle
      Zone Divider

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    5. Name the object, then tap 'OK'.

      To rename the object, press and hold the object then tap ‘Rename’.

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    6. Move and resize the object.

      To move: tap, drag, and drop the object to desired position on grid.
      To resize: pinch and zoom with two fingers to increase or decrease object size.
      To rotate: rotate with two fingers to desired position.

    7. Repeat steps 4 - 6 for all floor plan objects.
    8. Tap 'Done' to finish the layout.
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    Use the Table Layout

    On the Table Layout screen users can easily view open and seated tables, open a new order for the table, and add items to open checks.

    1. Tap any grey table.

      Grey colored tables are tables with no guests and no checks assigned while white colored tables have seated guests with an open check.

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    2. (Optional) If Guest Count is enabled, enter the number of guests for the table, then 'Done'.

      Read our Guest Count article for more information.

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    3. Add items to the transaction as normal.

      Learn more about adding items in our Running Sales at the Register article.

    4. Tap 'Save' to create a new open check.

      Items that are assigned printer groups will automatically be sent to the ticket printer.

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    5. Tap 'Save' to name the check.

      Checks are automatically assigned the name of the table and the time the check was created. You can update the name of the check if necessary.

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    6. Tap a table to return to the check to add items or to close out the check.

      Tables display how long the check has been open, in hours and minutes.

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