Shifts Summary

The Shifts Summary gives an overview of cash flow during each shift. This report includes opening/closing drawer amounts, drawer overages/shortages, and other related events affecting cash.

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Run the Summary

From BackOffice, run the Shifts Summary for an overview of all shifts during a selected date.

  1. Click 'Analytics' and select 'Shifts Summary'.
  2. Click the Date icon to choose a preset or custom range, then click 'Retrieve'.

Read the Summary

The Shifts Summary gives information on the cash flow during each shift so you can keep an eye on your drawer from anywhere. Learn how to read the Shifts Summary to get the most benefit from its details.

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The name/number of the register. A green dot means an open shift, red means a closed shift.

Opening Manager
Name of the manager who opened the shift.

Date and time the shift was opened.

Closing Manager
Name of the manager who closed the shift.

Date and time the shift was closed.

Starting Cash
Opening drawer amount as entered by the manager that opened the shift.

Cash Tenders
Total amount of cash added to the drawer for sales during the shift.

Cash Returned
Total amount of cash removed from the drawer for returns during the shift.

Payouts / Pay Ins / Drops / Inventory Purchases
Amount of cash added to or removed from the drawer due to pay ins and payouts.

Expected Cash
Amount of cash expected to be in the drawer at the end of the shift.

Actual Cash
Closing drawer amount as entered by the manager that closed the shift.

Difference between the expected cash and actual cash. This value is always negative for open shifts.
Wondering why your shift was over/short? Visit our Analytics Troubleshooting guide for help.

For a similar overview of shifts by register, try the ‘Register Status’ section of the Bird’s Eye View.

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