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BackOffice is where you enter inventory, create a button layout, track sales, access receipts, and download reports. This back-end management tool allows you to control subscriptions, licenses, and other important account information.

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BackOffice Settings

Settings is located on the sidebar and is split into 3 areas: Store Settings, Register Settings, and Integrations.

Store Settings


Link new or existing locations so you can easily switch between each store’s BackOffice and view multi-location reporting.


Customize paper / email receipts, set how tips are accepted, and select how customers sign for credit sales.


Set your tax rate and create additional tax groups, if needed.


Create named discounts and manage their settings.


Enable optional tenders like check, gift card, coupon, and more.

Inventory Settings

Turn on Raw Goods to track the individual ingredients or components of your items.

Label Printing

Configure what appears on your ShopKeep barcode labels. Add descriptions or prices to labels.

Register Settings


Enable Serverless Sync™ to see all open checks on every register. You can also set the default home screen, enable Auto Signout, and turn the iPP320’s customer facing display on / off.

Register Licenses

Manage your register licenses to control how many iPad registers the account can activate.


Manage ticket printing: assign specific departments or categories to print to a ticket printer.



Create your own webstore and sell items online using BigCommerce.


Integrate MailChimp with ShopKeep to send email campaigns out to your customers.


Set up QuickBooks® Integration so shift information syncs daily to QuickBooks.

Employee Privileges

Only the Business Owner can access every option in the navigation bar. The Business Owner login is the email address the ShopKeep account was created under.

Business Owner Access

Locations, Receipts, Taxes, Discounts, Tenders, Inventory Settings, Label Printing, General, Register Licenses, Hardware, MailChimp, QuickBooks

BackOffice Manager with Register Code

Taxes, Discounts, Tenders, Inventory Settings, Label Printing, General, Hardware, MailChimp, QuickBooks

*User may also view a limited Staff List

Change BackOffice Password

Your password is used for the BackOffice, not the iPad register. Business Owners have full control, while employees with BackOffice access are more limited.

Business Owner Password

Your BackOffice password is linked to the email address used when signing up; follow the instructions below to change/reset it.
  1. Visit
  2. Click 'Forgot Your Password?'
  3. Enter your Store Name and Email Address, then click 'Send'.
  4. Check your inbox (and spam folder) for the reset email.
  5. Enter a new password and press 'Reset'.

Employee Password

Employees do not use the password reset page. If an employee forgets their BackOffice login information, the Business Owner must reset it from the Staff List.

Check out our FAQ for some answers to common questions that come up when using BackOffice.

For issues with BackOffice Settings, check out our Troubleshooting Guide for some solutions!

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