BackOffice Settings
& Password

BackOffice is where the business manages inventory, tracks sales, and runs reports. Learn what BackOffice settings are available, how employee BackOffice privileges work, and how to change the login and password.

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BackOffice Settings

‘Settings’ is located on the sidebar and is split into 3 sections: Account, Store, and Register Settings.

Account Settings

Manage Account
Update Business Owner information, manage your plan, update payment details, and view billing activity.

Store Settings

Link new or existing locations to switch between each store’s BackOffice, view multi-location reporting, create and delete items in all linked locations, and copy one item shortcuts layout to all locations.

Receipts and Tips
Customize paper and email receipts and choose how customers sign and tip for sales paid for with credit or gift cards.

Receipt and tip settings can also be accessed by the Business Owner from the ShopKeep Register app. This feature is available for ShopKeep accounts created on or after July 23, 2019.

Set the business’s tax rate and create additional tax rates, if needed.

Employees with the relevant BackOffice permissions can also create and apply tax rates when creating new items from the ShopKeep Register app.

Create named discounts and manage their settings.

Enable optional tenders such as check, gift card, coupon, and more.

Turn on Raw Goods for tracking item components and change the method used to calculate inventory cost.

Email Settings
Enable or disable Sales Summary emails.

Label Printing
Configure what prints on ShopKeep barcode labels. Add and customize descriptions, prices and currency symbols, the store name, and barcodes for labels.

Overtime Settings
Set up the overtime settings used for the Labor Tracking Report.

Register Settings

Enable the Table Layout, set the register’s default home screen, enable Auto Signout, set up Serverless Sync™, turn the credit card reader’s customer-facing display on or off, select a register type, and enable Guest Count.

Register Licenses
Add, remove, or deactivate register licenses and view each register’s name, number, and status.

Manage the printers and printer groups used for ticket printing.

Employee Privileges

The Business Owner can access every option in the Settings menu, but other BackOffice users have limited permissions. Learn below about which BackOffice options are available to each type of user.

Available BackOffice user types will vary depending on your current pricing package. To learn more about BackOffice and register privileges, visit our Manage Staff article.

Business Owner Access

The Business Owner login is the email address originally used to create the ShopKeep account. The Business Owner can view every area of BackOffice, including all options on the Settings menu:

  • Manage Account
  • Locations
  • Receipts and Tips
  • Taxes
  • Discounts
  • Tenders
  • Inventory
  • Email Settings
  • Label Printing
  • Overtime Settings
  • General
  • Register Licenses
  • Printers
  • At the register, the Business Owner can access the following BackOffice features:

    Item List, Item Shortcuts, and Receipt and Tip Settings.
    *Receipt and tip settings are only available at the register for accounts created on or after July 23, 2019.

    BackOffice Manager

    BackOffice Managers are a type of BackOffice user the Business Owner can create. BackOffice Managers can access the following settings:

  • Taxes
  • Discounts
  • Tenders
  • Inventory
  • Email Settings
  • Label Printing
  • Overtime Settings
  • General
  • Printers
  • BackOffice Managers can also access:

    All areas of the Reports, Items, Staff, and Customers menus, and the Marketing Dashboard.
    *BackOffice Managers see a limited version of the Staff List and cannot access multi-location features.
    At the register, BackOffice Managers can access the following BackOffice features:

    Item List and Item Shortcuts.
    *On the Android ShopKeep Register app, BackOffice Managers can also access all settings on the Setup screen.

    Receive Inventory Users

    Receive Inventory Users are another type of BackOffice user the Business Owner can create. They are able to use only specific BackOffice inventory features. Receive Inventory Users can access:

    Update Inventory – Add/Receive

    Custom Permissions

    For BackOffice users with custom permissions, the areas of BackOffice the employee will be able to access are chosen when adding them to the Staff List. At the register, Custom Users can access the Item List and Item Shortcuts setup page if they have the relevant permissions. On the Android ShopKeep Register app, Custom Users can also access all settings on the Setup screen. Learn about the specific permissions available for employees with custom permissions here.

    Change BackOffice Login

    This login is used for BackOffice, not the iPad register. The process to change the BackOffice login varies based on a user’s role.

    Business Owner Login

    Contact ShopKeep Customer Care directly to make changes to the Business Owner’s BackOffice login.

    Employee Logins

    Employee BackOffice logins can be changed within BackOffice by the Business Owner. Visit our Manage Staff article to learn how to edit an employee’s login via the Staff List.

    Change BackOffice Password

    Forgot your password or just want to change it? This section covers how to reset BackOffice passwords for the Business Owner and for employees.

    Business Owner Password

    The Business Owner’s BackOffice password is linked to the email address used to sign up for ShopKeep, follow the instructions below to change or reset it.

    1. Visit and click 'Need help logging in?'.
      Click to Enlarge
    2. Enter the Business Owner email address and click 'Send'.
      Click to Enlarge
    3. Check your inbox for a ShopKeep login assistance email.

      Can’t find the email? Check your spam folder.

    4. Click the link in the email to go to the password reset page.

      The email also includes the store name(s) linked to that email address.

      Click to Enlarge
    5. Enter a new password and press 'Reset your password'.

    Employee Password

    Employees cannot use the password reset page. The Business Owner must reset employee passwords in BackOffice. Visit the Manage Staff article to learn how to change an employee’s password via the Staff List.

    Visit our BackOffice FAQ for answers to common questions about using BackOffice.

    For issues with BackOffice Settings, check out our BackOffice Settings Troubleshooting guide for help.