iCMP Bluetooth Credit Card Reader Set Up

The iCMP Bluetooth Credit Card Reader processes swipe, Apple Pay, and EMV transactions and connects to your iPad using Bluetooth technology.

View our iCMP Bluetooth Credit Card Reader Setup video below.

iCMP Credit Card Reader Setup

Table of Contents

In the Box

The iCMP Bluetooth Credit Card reader ships with all of the parts listed below.

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  • iCMP Bluetooth Credit Card Reader
  • USB Cable
  • USB Charging Brick OR Dedicated Wall Charger
  • If you purchased a Simplicity Stand to go with your iCMP, visit this article for help setting it up.

    Charging the iCMP

    Before using the iCMP Bluetooth Credit Card Reader for the first time, it needs to be charged for a minimum of 3 hours. Charge the device for 6 hours for a full charge.

    1. Plug the included micro USB cable into the charging port.
    2. Plug the other end of the micro USB cable into the included USB charging brick or to your computer.

      If your iCMP shipped with a wall charger instead of USB charging brick, connect the charger to your iCMP and to a power outlet.

    3. Then follow the instructions below for pairing with the iPad.

    DO NOT use an iPad charging brick to charge your iCMP, as it is too powerful. Only use the provided charging brick or a cell phone charging brick. If you run into issues when getting started with your iCMP, visit our iCMP Troubleshooting guide for help.

    Pairing with the iPad

    Use the instructions below to pair the iCMP Bluetooth Credit Card Reader to the iPad.

    If the iCMP Bluetooth Credit Card Reader has already been previously paired with another Bluetooth enabled device, follow the instructions on unpairing before pairing again.

    1. On the iPad, visit the Settings app, then tap 'Bluetooth'.
    2. Tap to toggle Bluetooth on (GREEN).
    3. Turn the reader on by briefly pressing the power button on the right.
    4. When 'BT Pairing Required' appears, press the F1 button to begin.
    5. Find your iPad by pressing the F2 (down) or F3 (up) keys on the reader.
    6. Press the GREEN button to get your BT Pairing Pin.
    7. On the iPad, a pop-up will appear. Enter the PIN from the reader and press 'Done'.

      You have 1 minute to pair the reader and iPad.

      In the Settings app, under MY DEVICES, a device labeled “iCMP…” will appear and the card reader will display the ShopKeep logo.

    8. Now you're ready to process credit cards with this device.

    Basic Functions

    Follow along below to learn more about the iCMP’s basic functions, such as turning the reader on and off.

    Turning On the Card Reader

    1. Press the power button on the right to turn the reader on.
    2. Wait for the reader to boot up. It will show an Ingenico or a ShopKeep logo.

    Turning off the Card Reader

    1. Unplug the iCMP Bluetooth Credit Card Reader from power.
    2. Simultaneously hold down the yellow "<" key and the ".,#*" key on the reader for a few seconds.

    Unpairing the iCMP

    You will need to unpair the reader from the iPad if you are pairing it with another iPad.

    1. On the iPad, visit the Settings app and select 'Bluetooth'.
    2. Under DEVICES, tap the circled “i” icon next to the device labeled “iCMP…”.
    3. Tap 'Forget This Device' then 'OK' on the confirmation screen.
    4. With the reader powered on, press the black 'F' key four times in quick succession.

      “BT Pairing Required” will now be on screen. If you don’t see this, repeat step 4 above.

    5. You are now free to re-pair the reader to this or another iPad.

    Accepting Credit Cards

    The iCMP supports a few different types of credit payments. Follow the steps below to learn how to accept swiped credit cards, EMV chip cards, and Apple Pay.


    When a customer has a card with only a magnetic stripe, process a swiped credit card sale.

    1. Ring up a credit transaction as normal and select 'Credit'.
    2. With the card stripe facing up, swipe the card through top slot of the reader.
    3. Wait for payment to be approved and continue closing the transaction as normal.

    Visit the Accepting Credit Cards article for a full walkthrough.


    If a customer has a chip card, run an EMV transaction.

    EMV is currently only available to merchants who process credit cards with ShopKeep Payments. EMV must be enabled in BackOffice before EMV payments can be accepted at the register.

    1. Ring up a transaction as normal and select 'Credit'.
    2. Wait for the iPad and iCMP to prompt for insertion of the card.
    3. Insert the card at the bottom of the iCMP (chip end first).
    4. Once the screen indicates the transaction has been authorized and the card can be removed, complete the sale by removing the card.

    Visit the ShopKeep and EMV article for a complete walkthrough.

    Apple Pay

    For customers who want to pay with their iPhone, use Apple Pay. Visit the ShopKeep and Apple Pay article for more information on using Apple Pay.

    1. Ring up a transaction and select the 'Credit' tender option.
    2. At the register, the customer holds their iPhone within 1" of the credit card reader while touching the home button on their phone.
    3. The iPhone will automatically open Apple Wallet.
    4. Customer waits for a slight vibration, a check mark and a beep, indicating payment confirmation.
    5. Wait for payment to be approved and continue closing the transaction as normal.

    Do you have more questions or are you running into issues? Check out our Troubleshooting Guide for solutions to common problems and visit our FAQ article for answers to frequently asked questions.

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