Credit Card Processing

Getting your credit card processing setup and functional involves a few steps, a basic understanding of your credit card reader, and familiarity with running a credit transaction at the register. Here, we’ll take you step-by-step through the credit card processing setup process.

Table of Contents

Set Up Credit Card Processing

The first step towards accepting credit cards at the register is to select a processor and integrate your processing with ShopKeep.

  1. Pick a Credit Card Processor

    ShopKeep proudly offers a payment processing solution, ShopKeep Payments. ShopKeep Payments offers competitive pricing with no long-term contracts. To learn more, visit

  2. Connect Your Processing with ShopKeep

    If you have an existing credit card processor, ask a representative from your processor to fill out our ISO boarding form. Our team processes the form, tests your credentials, and replies when setup is complete.

Using ShopKeep Payments as your processor? You can skip step 2!

Credit Card Readers

Merchants need an encrypted reader from our online store to swipe credit cards in ShopKeep. Here are our two most popular readers.

Ingenico iPP320

  • The iPP320 plugs into a router and connects to the register over WiFi.
  • Accept Apple Pay at the register with compatible processors.
  • Learn how to set up the iPP320 here.
  • Ingenico iCMP

  • The iCMP connects wirelessly to the iPad via Bluetooth.
  • Accept Apple Pay at the register with compatible processors.
  • Learn how to set up the iCMP here.
  • Run a Test Transaction

    After we let you know your processing is set up, run a transaction to make sure everything works. Tap in the search field (upper-right) and select the open-priced “Misc Non-Taxable” item.

    Processing credit cards requires an active internet connection. Have questions about how to charge a credit card? Visit our Advanced Topics FAQ for help.

    1. Ring up $0.01 using 'Misc Non-Taxable' then tap Credit.
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    2. Swipe/tap a card or use Apple Pay.
    3. Sign the screen and press 'No Tip'.
    4. Press 'Charge' to confirm.
    5. Tap 'Done' to finish up.

      Funds accumulate in the gateway & batch automatically the next morning.

    Having problems running cards? Visit our Credit Card Troubleshooting Guide.

    Have some more questions? Check out our Credit Card Processing FAQ.