Void Reporting

Void reporting provides an overview of items voided from saved checks. At the register, run a Shift Report to view the total quantity and value of items voided by all employees, by a specific employee, during the current open shift, or in a previous shift on that specific register.

To learn how to perform voids at the register, visit our Open Checks article.

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Voids Reporting at the Register

Run a Shift Report at the register to view the total quantity and value of items voided from saved checks on that register.

Voids are available in the Shift Report on the ShopKeep Register for iOS v2.45.0 and above. For help updating the app, visit our Introduction to the iPad article.

  1. At the register, open the Control Panel and tap ‘Shift Report’.
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  2. Scroll down to view information about the items voided on that register.
    • If a shift is open, voids performed so far during the shift are shown. If a shift is not open, total voids for the most recent shift are shown.
    • Managers can view voids performed by all employees, but cashiers can see only their own voids.
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    Voided Items | Quantity of items voided from saved checks. For example, two burgers voided from one check and one drink voided from another would equal three voided items. Each unit priced line item voided counts as one void, regardless of its quantity.
    Voided Total | Value of all voided items based on the price of each item. For example, if two voided burgers are priced at $9.95 each and a voided drink is $2.95, the voided total would be $22.85.

  3. (Optional) Managers can tap 'All Employees' and select an employee to see their individual report.
  4. (Optional) Tap the date and select a shift to view a previous shift's report.

    A Shift Report can be retrieved for any shift opened within the past 48 hours.

  5. (Optional) Tap ‘Print X Report’ or ‘Print Z Report’ to print a copy to a connected receipt printer.

    Receiving an error while printing? Visit one of our printer troubleshooting guides for help.

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    To learn about the other information included on the Shift Report, visit our X and Z Reports article.

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