Using the Register

The ShopKeep Register app is where you run sales, open and close register shifts, and perform returns among other things. Let’s take a tour of the register and all that it has to offer.

If you have questions about using the register, check out our ShopKeep Register FAQ page.

Watch our Run a Sale & Return video below.

Run a Sale & Return

Table of Contents

Running a Sale

Every sale is made up of a couple of basic steps: creating the customer’s order from available inventory, and tendering the sale. After a manager opens the register shift, follow the steps below to run a basic sale.

  1. On the 'New Sale' screen, add an item to the sale. There are three ways an item can be added:
    • Tap an item shortcut from the shortcut layout.
    • Tap the magnifying glass to search for an item by name, SKU, or UPC, then tap the item.

    • Scan an items’ barcode.
  2. Select the customer's payment tender.
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To learn how to apply discounts, remove tax, and more, visit our Running Sales at the Register article.

Having problems running sales? See our troubleshooting guide.

Issuing Gift Cards

Gift cards are sold like any other item on the register. Open pricing allows you to choose the value of a gift card when you sell one.

  1. Add the Gift Card item to a sale.
  2. Use the keypad to enter an amount to load onto the card, then tap 'Done'.
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  3. Choose a tender to process the sale as usual.
  4. Swipe the gift card to activate it.
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  5. Finish the sale, then select a receipt option and tap ‘Done’, or tap 'No Receipt'.

To learn how to set up gift cards, visit the full ShopKeep Gift Cards article.

If you have questions about gift card ordering, processing, or setup, visit our Gift Card FAQ.

Saving a Sale

Save a sale with a name and/or time to return to later, then start a new sale for the next customer.
  1. Add items to the sale.
  2. Tap the disk icon to create a check for later.
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  3. Leave as 'Walk-in' with timestamp, or name it by typing a name or swiping their card if using an iDynamo.

    Tag a customer to the sale before saving to put their name on the saved sale automatically.

  4. Tap 'Save' to save the sale.

Visit the complete Saved Sales article to learn how to manage your open sales.

If you are having trouble with saved sales, visit the Saved Sales Troubleshooting guide.

Performing a Return

Reverse past and present sales at your register by processing a return.

  1. Tap 'Sales History' on the Main Menu.
  2. Tap the 3 dot menu on any sale then tap 'Begin Return'.

    To return a sale from a previous shift, search by transaction number (found on the original receipt), by last 4 digits of the credit card used, by the customer’s contact details (name, email, phone number), or scan the barcode on the original receipt (if enabled).

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  3. Tap the line items for return.

    The highlighted items will be returned. Tap ‘Select all’ to return all items.

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  4. Choose a tender to return to the customer.

    The original sale tender is highlighted in red as the suggested tender for return. Tap ‘…’ to use a different tender, such as ‘Gift Card’. Sales can only be returned to ‘Credit’ if originally paid by credit.

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  5. Select a receipt option and tap ‘Done’ or tap 'No Receipt'.

To learn about other methods of making returns, visit the full Performing Returns article.

If you have a returns related problem, visit our Cashier Functions Troubleshooting page for help.

Check Quantity on Hand

Look up an item’s quantity on hand (QoH) to see how much is in stock.

To learn how to check an item’s quantity on hand on the ShopKeep Register on The Mini or The Station, visit our help article here.

  1. Search for an item.
  2. Tap the blue ‘i’ to view the item’s quantity.
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  3. Review the quantity on hand, then tap ‘Done’ to return to the sale.
    For basic items, the total quantity for that one item is displayed.
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    For items with variants, the total item quantity is shown along with a breakdown by individual variant.
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Manage Item Availability

Manage item availability at the register to manually control if specific items can be rung up. When an item runs out, a Register Manager can make it unavailable to temporarily prevent it from being sold. When an unavailable item is ready to be sold again, make it available to allow it to be rung up.

This feature is available to select merchants using the ShopKeep Register for iOS. Stay tuned as we slowly roll out this feature to more merchants.

  1. Tap and hold an item shortcut for 2 seconds.
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  2. Select whether to make the item unavailable or available for sale on that register.
    • Unavailable items will be grayed out on the shortcuts layout and item search panel, preventing them from being rung up from those areas. If an unavailable item is physically present, it can still be rung up by scanning the item barcode.
    • Individual item variants and modifiers cannot be made unavailable.
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  3. If prompted, enter a manager code and tap ‘Enter’ to authorize the change in availability.
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  4. (Optional) Repeat steps 1 - 3 on each additional register to update item availability for those registers.

    Item availability does not sync between registers, so items must be manually made unavailable or available on each individual register.

Receipt Options

ShopKeep offers a few ways to provide receipts to your customers. Have your customer select an email receipt, text message (SMS) receipt, printed receipt, or printed gift receipt.

At the end of each transaction, there are options that allow a customer to choose if and how they want to receive their receipt.

Visit our Receipt Setup article to learn how to customize the business information, logo, and messaging that appear on receipts.

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Email Receipt | Send the sales receipt to an email address.
*For swiped and EMV credit card transactions, the email address entered will be linked to the customer’s credit card and email receipts will be automatically selected when using that card at any ShopKeep merchant. Learn more about automatic receipts here.

Text Receipt | Send a link to the sales receipt via text message (SMS) to a mobile phone number.
*Text message receipts contain the same information as paper receipts and are available in the latest compatible versions of the iOS and Android ShopKeep Register apps. Learn more about paper receipts here.
**For swiped and EMV credit card transactions, the phone number entered will be linked to the customer’s credit card and they will automatically receive text message receipts when using that card at any ShopKeep merchant. Learn more here.

Print Receipt | Print the sales receipt to a connected receipt printer.

Print Gift Receipt | Print the sales receipt without prices to a connected receipt printer.

No Receipt | Receipt is not emailed, texted, or printed.

Reprinting Receipts

If a customer needs an extra copy of their sales receipt, visit the Sales History screen to reprint it.

  1. Tap 'Sales History' on the Main Menu.
  2. If the sale is from the current shift, find it on the list.
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  3. If the sale is from a previous shift, use the search bar to look it up.

    Search by transaction number or last 4 digits of the customer’s credit card.

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    Or tap the arrow and select ‘Customer’ to search by customer name, email, or phone #.

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  4. Tap the 3 dot menu on the sale then tap ‘Print Receipt’.

    Tap ‘Print Gift Receipt’ to print a copy without prices.

    Note: Gift receipts can only be printed from the current shift.

Receipt not printing? Visit one of our Receipt Printer Troubleshooting guides for help.