Export Center

The Export Center manages your exports so you’re not stuck on one page waiting for a report to generate. If you misplace an export from the past 14 days, just visit the Export Center to quickly download it again.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Choose a report and click the button to begin the exporting process.

For now, only Transaction Table exports use the Export Center. Other exportable reports download as usual.

1 Choose Analytics and pick a report.


2 Click the date icon, select a preset / custom range, and press Retrieve.


3 Click an export option.


4 Press OK to dismiss the window.


5 Visit the Export Center to check the export’s status or wait for email notification.

Using the Export Center

Visit the Export Center to download any export you’ve generated over the the past two weeks or to retry exports that failed.

1 Click Analytics and choose Export Center.


2 Click the icon to download when Ready.


3 For Failed exports, click the icon to retry.


4 Open the file in spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel) to view.

Transaction Table Exports

Transaction Table exports look a bit different for accounts using the Export Center. Continue below for examples and definitions of what’s included in each.

Be advised that totals for return transactions appear as negative numbers on each transaction export. Sum a particular column to get the total sales value net of returns.

Transactions Export

Click the image below for a larger version.


Date and time the transaction was completed.

Register Name/Number

Name or number of the register the transaction was performed on.

Cashier Name

Name of cashier that processed the transaction.

Operation Type

Type of transaction. Sale or return.

Customer Name

First and last name of customer (if entered at the register).

Customer Email

The email address of the customer (if entered at the register).

Gross Amount

Total of transaction before discount or tax is applied.


Total discount applied to the transaction. Shown in $0.00 format.

Net Total

The gross amount minus discounts.

New Liabilities

Total of new liabilities sold, such as gift cards or gift certificates.


Total tax applied to the transaction based on your Tax Settings.

Total Due

The net total plus tax.


Any gratuity/tip added at the register if paid by credit card.

Tendered Amount

Total due plus tips. The total amount the customer pays.

Tender Type

The tender used for payment: cash, card payment, etc. Or, split tender if multiple tenders are used.

Card Type

For credit transactions, the type of card used (Visa, MasterCard, etc.).

Last 4 Digits

For credit transactions, the last 4 digits of the card used

Cardholder Name

For credit transactions, the name on the credit card (only if swiped).

Receipt Number

Receipt number needed to perform returns at the register.

Transaction ID

ID number that identifies the transaction within the ShopKeep database.

Transaction Tenders Export

The Transaction Tenders export has the same columns as the Transactions export. For split tender sales/returns, each tender gets its own row: tender type shows the tender used & tendered amount gives the total paid by each.

Click the image below to view a larger version.

Transactions by Item Export

This export lets you visualize your transactions in terms of the individual items involved. Some columns are identical to the Transactions export, but the new ones are defined below.

Click the image below to view a larger version.

Store Code

Unique number auto-generated by ShopKeep for each item. Used for label printing.

Line Item

Name of item as seen on receipts and BackOffice.


General group for inventory.


A subset of Department.


Provider of the inventory item. Only appears if entered in BackOffice.

Supplier Code

If the item has a re-order code associated with it provided by the supplier.


How much the item costs you, the merchant.


The base amount the customer pays for that item at the register.


How much of the item was sold/returned in transaction.


If the item has modifiers, how much the modifiers added to the price.


Total item price before tax and discounts. Factors in price, quantity, and modifiers.


Total discount applied to the item. Shown in $0.00 format.

Net Total

The item’s subtotal minus discounts.


Total tax applied to the item based on your Tax Settings.

Total Due

The net total plus tax.

Customer ID

Identifies the customer who purchased an item. This corresponds with Customer Record ID on the customers export.