Serverless Sync™

Sync open checks from one ShopKeep register to other registers on the same network with Serverless Sync. Start a check on a register that uses, Inc.’s BackOffice servers and view it, modify it, or close it out from any other register.

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Serverless Sync™

Table of Contents

Before You Start

To ensure your system seamlessly handles Serverless Sync, we recommend that you follow these 4 steps:

  1. Update all registers to the latest version of ShopKeep.

    All registers must be on the same version of ShopKeep for Serverless Sync to work.

    Click here to learn how to update ShopKeep

  2. Use the latest iPad hardware available from Apple.

    In some high-volume environments, iPad 4’s (and earlier devices, including the iPad Mini) may experience significant issues. This may include checks not syncing, serious register lag, and speed issues. For the best performance, use iPad Airs or later for all of your registers and make sure all iPads being synced are the same Apple iPad model.

  3. Set up a dedicated WiFi router.
    • The WiFi router must stand alone from the modem. DO NOT use a modem/router combo box.
    • Don’t use shared or “public” Wi-Fi networks (like in a mall or government building). Instead, set up a dedicated wireless network for your registers.
    • Don’t use a combination modem/router device. If you have one of these, put it in “bridge” mode and connect it to a dedicated router.
    • Ensure that all of your ShopKeep registers are within 30 feet of your Wi-Fi router and connected to the same network.
    • Do not use Wi-Fi repeaters or range extenders.
    • Ensure there is sufficient wireless signal strength to reach all of your ShopKeep Registers.
    Check out our Best Practices for Network Setup article for other networking recommendations.
  4. Operate no more than 4 registers in one location with Serverless Sync.

    This is our recommendation, but not a specific requirement. With more that four registers, you run the risk of more difficult troubleshooting and increased syncing / networking issues.

Set Up Serverless Sync

Enable the Serverless Sync feature in your BackOffice Settings to get started sharing checks across registers.

To prevent app crashes, close all register shifts before enabling or disabling Serverless Sync.

BackOffice Setup

First, turn on Serverless Sync in BackOffice.

  1. Click 'Settings'. Then, 'General'.
  2. Check the 'Enable' box.
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  3. Review the message and click 'I'm Ready!' to confirm.
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  4. Click 'Save'.
  5. Click 'Settings' and select 'Register Licenses'.
  6. Give each register a name to help you identify it and click 'Update'.
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iPad Setup

With the back end set up, prepare your iPad registers to use Serverless Sync.

  1. Open the iPad’s 'Settings' app. Tap 'WiFi'.
  2. Make sure each register is connected to the same WiFi network.
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  3. In Settings, tap 'Display & Brightness' and set Auto-Lock to Never.

    Registers only sync when ShopKeep is running – if the screen is Locked or the app is running in the background, registers will not remain in sync.

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Using Serverless Sync

Serverless Sync shares all your saved checks across your iPads that use, Inc.’s BackOffice servers. You can Split, Merge, and Transfer Checks as usual.

  1. Sign in to your registers as a Manager.

    Can’t sign in? Visit our Login / Access Troubleshooting guide for help.

  2. Tap 'Get Updates' (on all registers) to enable Serverless Sync.

    If you receive an error while getting updates, visit our troubleshooting guide for help.

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    ‘Register List’ now appears under ‘Diagnostics’ and shows all registers sharing check information.

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Troubleshooting Serverless Sync

If you get errors while managing checks, here are some solutions.

Check Not Found

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You see this when the check is on another iPad, and that iPad is not in sync.

  1. Make sure all iPads are running ShopKeep (on screen and active).
  2. Check that all your iPads are on the same WiFi network.
  3. Force quit each register app one at a time and toggle your iPad's WiFi off, then back on.
  4. Re-launch each register, one at a time, once your iPads are fully connected to the internet.
  5. Wait a few moments before checking their connection statuses under Diagnostics.

Registers have become disconnected / out-of-sync.

Registers can become disconnected from each other if an internet connection has been lost, the app was force-quit, the iPad is on the lock screen or sleeping, or you’ve toggled between apps and backgrounded the ShopKeep Register App.

  1. Make sure the Serverless Sync feature is enabled in BackOffice.
  2. Check that all iPads are running the same ShopKeep app version and are on the same wireless network.
  3. Tap 'Get Updates' on the out-of-sync iPads.
  4. Check the Register List on each iPad to see if they've re-synced.
  5. Force quit the ShopKeep app on the disconnected iPad(s) and re-launch after a few moments.
  6. Force quit the ShopKeep app on all iPads.

    Toggle the iPad’s WiFi connection off, then back on before re-launching each register again one at a time (wait ~1 minute between each to re-sync).

  7. If the problem persists, power cycle the disconnected iPads by turning the iPad all the way off.
  8. Before rebooting the iPad(s), power cycle your router by unplugging it from the power source, then plugging it back in.
  9. Let the router reboot for a few moments, then restart all the iPads and resync each register one at a time.
  10. Reach out to our Customer Care team if the issue persists after following the above steps.

Visit our Checks Screen Troubleshooting guide for help with other syncing issues.

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