Sales by Employee

Use the Sales by Employee report to understand and analyze employee sales performance, quantities sold, and tips collected. This report can help you visualize employee productivity, calculate commissions and determine shift schedules.

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Run the Report

From BackOffice, run the Sales by Employee report for an overview of employee sales performance within a chosen date range.

  1. Click 'Analytics' and select 'Employees'.
  2. Select a date range by clicking the date icon, choosing a preset or custom range, and pressing 'Retrieve'.

Read the Report

Below, we’ll show you how to fully understand the Sales by Employee report so you can make the most of what it has to offer.

Bar Charts

The bar charts at the top of the report reflect employees (up to 10) with the highest sales count and the highest total sales amount. The bars represent each employee’s percent contribution to the total sales amount and sales count.

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Hover over or click a bar on the graph to view more details about the Top Employees’ sales performance.

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Table View

Refer to the table view for more detailed information about each employee’s sales, like sales amounts, returned quantities, discounts, etc. By default, only eight of the available columns display on the Table View. To enable the rest of the columns seen below, use the Filter control to the right of the date picker.

Default Table View

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Table View with All Columns

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Sort the table by clicking any column header with arrows.

Sales Count | The total number of sale transactions.

Quantity Sold | The total number of items sold.

Sales Amount | The total amount of sold products.

Quantity Returned | The total number of products returned.

Returns Amount | The total amount of sales transactions returned.

Discounts | The total amount discounted for sales transactions, including returns.
Want to see more detail on discount usage? Check out the Sales by Discount report.

Net Sales | The total revenue generated by sales of an item after accounting for discounts and returns.

Gross Margin | Net sales minus item costs divided by net sales.

Gross Profit | Percentage of net sales minus item costs.

Average Items Per Sale | Each employee’s average number of items sold per transaction.

Average Sale Amount | The average sales (sales amount – discounts) amount per sale transaction.

Tips Total | The total amount of non-cash gratuity accrued by the employee at the register.
Visit our Tips and Gratuity article to learn how to accept and pay out tips.

Filter the Report

Filtering the report lets you view employee sales data and select which table columns and rows you’d like included in the report, so you only see what benefits you. Filter by one, all, or even a group of employees.

Filter Columns

Columns determine the data displayed in the report’s Table and Print views. Note that the Returns Count, Quantity Returned, Returns Amount, Costs, Gross Margin, and Gross Profit columns are hidden by default.

  1. Click 'Filter'.
  2. Click 'Show/Hide Columns' and check/uncheck the boxes.
  3. On the table, click any row to view more details about the items sold and returned by the employee.
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Filter Employees

Filter the employees that show up on your report. Employee filters apply to the Table View, Bar Charts, Exports, and the Print View.

  1. Click 'Filter'.
  2. Click ‘Employees’ and check/uncheck the boxes.

    Search by name to quickly filter the list.

Export the Report

Download a copy of your report to further analyze and filter the data using spreadsheet software.

  1. On the Table View, click 'Export'.
  2. Wait for the export to be generated.
  3. (Optional) Check the box to be notified by email when exports are ready for download.

    Exports ready in a few seconds will automatically download to your computer. Exports that take more than a few seconds to generate are downloadable via the Export Center when ready.

  4. Click ‘OK’ to close the message box.

Use the Print feature to create the report in an easy-to-read and printer-friendly format.

  1. Click 'Print'.
  2. Wait for the report to open in a new browser tab.
    Click to Enlarge
  3. Select 'File' from your browser's menu and choose 'Print...'.

    You can also choose to save the print view as a PDF for easy file sharing.

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