Analytics Dashboard

The Analytics Dashboard is a one-stop overview of all register activity. Sales, returns, discounts…it’s all there.

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View the Dashboard

Navigate to the Analytics Dashboard in BackOffice and select a date or date range to filter data by.

  1. In BackOffice, click 'Analytics' and select 'Analytics Dashboard'.
  2. Click the date button.
  3. Select a preset or custom range and click 'Retrieve'.

Dashboard Comparisons

Choose a comparison period from the date picker to see how the date range performs against a similar time period. The Sales Bar and Dashboard Tiles update to show how the business fared.

  1. Click the date button.
  2. Choose a comparison period.
  3. Tap 'Retrieve'.

Reading the Analytics Dashboard

Check out the information that is included on the Analytics Dashboard.

Sales Bar

The Sales Bar gives a high-level summary of activity. Look below each metric to see how the numbers compare to a previous period of time.

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Gross Sales
Total sales before discounts, returns, gratuity, and tax. Sales of liabilities are not included here, but liability redemptions are.
Amount refunded to customers before tax, gratuity, and discounts.
Total discounts on all sales minus total discounts on return transactions.
Want to see a breakdown of which discounts were used? Check the Sales by Discount Report.
Net Sales
Gross Sales minus Discounts and Returns.
Sales Tax
Total tax collected on sales minus total tax refunded on return transactions.

Top Dashboard Tiles

Look below each metric to see how these numbers compare to a previous period of time.

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Total number of sales and returns performed at the register.
Average Sale Value
Average value of a sale before tax (not including liabilities sold). This is Gross Sales minus Discounts and divided by number of sales.
Average Items per Sale
Average quantity of items on each sale. Each instance of an item is considered a count (e.g. a quantity of 5 of a single item counts as 5 items for that sale).

Sales Graph

The combination bar/line graph is a visual sales summary.

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  • Click the tabs to switch between Total Sales by Hour and Average Sales by Hour.
  • Hover over a point on the graph to view the transaction count for that hour.
  • Bottom Dashboard Tiles

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    The final set of tiles displays the top five best selling items by dollar amount, a breakdown of sales by tender, and the number of new vs. returning customers.

    If you think the Analytics Dashboard is displaying incorrect information, visit our Analytics Troubleshooting guide for help.

    Summary View

    The Summary View provides a slimmed down, printer-friendly version of the most important analytics.

    1. Click 'Summary View' at the top.

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    Sample Summary View
    Click here for an explanation of each part of the Summary View.

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    The Net COGS and Gross Margin reflect weighted average costs. If you do not want to use weighted average cost, follow the steps here to disable the feature.

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