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Reporting gives critical insight into important aspects of a business, such as sales and staff. This list of frequently asked questions focuses on the various reports available in BackOffice.

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Sales Reporting

This section addresses common questions about the sales reports available in BackOffice.

Can I delete a sale or return from BackOffice?

No, completed transactions cannot be deleted or edited.

Can I check sales from a phone or mobile device?

Yes. Either log into BackOffice from a web browser or download the ShopKeep Pocket app for iOS or Android to view sales data on a mobile device.

Can I see a summary of sales by day?

No current report lists sales by day over a date range. However, summaries of individual days can be viewed via the Analytics Dashboard.

Can I see a summary of sales by hour?

Yes, view total or average sales per hour with the Analytics Dashboard.

Where can I find tip/gratuity reporting?

The Summary View on the Analytics Dashboard shows total gratuity collected. Gratuity collected by individual employee is listed on the Sales by Employee report.

Is there a report that shows discounts?

Yes, the Sales by Discount report displays detailed information about discounts applied.

How can I see each supplier’s top selling items?

Check out the Sales by Supplier report for a detailed breakdown of item sales by supplier.

Can I view total sales for each department and category?

Yes. Visit the Sales by Department and Sales by Category articles to learn how to run these reports.

How can I compare employee sales performance?

Use the Sales by Employee report to view top employees and compare sales performance among employees.

Is there a report that shows items discarded before a sale was completed?

No, discarded items do not appear on any report.

Can I view a report that shows voided checks or items?

No, voids do not appear on any report.

Is there a report that shows pay ins and payouts?

Yes. Run the Pay Ins and Payouts report to view details of each pay in, payout, and no sale.

How do I compare sales from all of my business locations?

If your stores are linked together, visit the Sales by Location report to compare their sales.

Where can I find cost of goods sold and gross margin?

Open the Summary View on the Analytics Dashboard to see the overall cost of goods sold and gross margin. To view this information for individual items, run the Sales by Item report.

How is cost of goods sold affected when I sell or return an item?

When an item is sold, the cost of goods sold increases by the cost of the item at the time of sale. When an item is returned, cost of goods sold decreases by the cost of the item at the time it was originally sold, not by the item’s current cost.

How is sales tax calculated?

Sales tax is calculated at the item-level based on the Tax Groups you have configured in BackOffice. At the register, the relevant tax rate is applied individually to each item on the transaction and rounded to the nearest penny.

Prior to version 2.10.0 of the ShopKeep register app, tax was calculated at the transaction-level, where the subtotal of each item in each Tax Group was summed before the tax rate was applied and then rounded.

Why is tax calculated at the item-level and not based on the sale’s subtotal?

Item-level tax makes it possible to return individual items, calculate taxable and non-taxable sales by tax group, and develop certain reporting features.

Currently, a sale with two items costing $5.51 each and a 9% tax rate would be charged $1 in sales tax ($0.50 per item). If tax was instead calculated on the sale’s $11.02 subtotal, sales tax would be $0.99. If one item was returned, how much tax would be refunded: $0.49 or $0.50? Which item gets that extra penny? With transaction-level tax, many “extra pennies” can be randomly assigned to items. When each sold item’s tax is summed in reporting, you may end up with a total different than what was actually collected at the register.

Is there a sales tax report?

Yes, visit the Sales by Tax Group article to learn how to run this report.

How can I figure out my total non-taxable sales?

Visit the Sales by Tax Group report to view taxable and non-taxable sales totals for any date range.

Where can I find information on the payment types customers use?

The Sales by Tender report shows how often specific tenders and credit card brands are used for payment.

Can I view credit card processing statements in BackOffice?

No. Contact your credit card processor directly if you need a copy of a statement. If you use ShopKeep Payments, log into the AccessOne portal to see your statement.

Where can I see who opened or closed a shift?

Visit the Bird’s Eye View to see the employee who opened or closed each register’s most recent shift. For details on previous shifts, visit the Shifts Summary.

Can I print old Z reports?

Yes, you can reprint Z reports from the register for any shift opened within the past 48 hours.

Can I view X and Z reports in BackOffice?

No. However, most X and Z report information is available on the Shifts Summary and Analytics Dashboard.

What gift card reporting is available?

The Gift Cards & Deposits report shows issue and redemption totals for gift cards, gift certificates, and deposits. If you have ShopKeep integrated gift cards, log into the reporting portal for additional reports.

Inventory Reporting

Wondering how to find your top selling items or download your inventory? Here we cover questions related to inventory reporting.

What are my best selling items?

Visit the Sales by Item report to view top items ranked by quantity sold and sales amount.

Can I run a sales report for a single item?

Yes, just filter the Sales by Item report so it displays only that item.

How can I find my top selling modifiers or variants for each item?

Run the Modifiers and Variants report to view the top modifiers and variants for each inventory item.

Where can I download an inventory report?

Export stock items from BackOffice to download a spreadsheet containing the price, cost, quantity, SKU, and other details entered for each item.

Which report shows how much my inventory is worth?

The Inventory Value report displays the value, quantity on hand, and cost of items for a selected date.

How can I find my inventory value for a certain date?

Just run the Inventory Value report and select that date.

How can I get an end of year inventory report?

Run the Inventory Value report for the date December 31.

Which report shows how much my raw goods are worth?

The Raw Goods Value report displays the current value of raw goods in inventory.

How can I see when items are running low?

Use the Inventory Reorder report to check which inventory items, variants, and raw goods are running low and need to be reordered.

Can I see when inventory items were adjusted?

Yes, those details are in the Adjustment History report.

Is there a report for received inventory items?

No. However, the Quantity History report can be used to check when individual items were received, adjusted, sold, and returned.

Can I see when each inventory item was last sold?

Yes. Export your stock items and look at column Q, Last Sold Date.

Can I view or print inventory by department, category, or supplier?

Yes. Follow the steps to export your stock items, then manually sort the export spreadsheet.

Do deleted items appear on reports?

Deleted items appear on sales reports, such as the Transactions Report and Sales by Item report, but they do not appear on the Items List, Reorder Report, and Stock Items Export.

Customer Reporting

This section answers questions about reporting related to your customers and their purchases.

How can I see a list of all customers?

The BackOffice Customer List displays only the 20 most recent customers, but you can export the entire list to a spreadsheet.

Who are my top customers?

Run the Sales by Customer report to view the business’s top customers, see who spends the most money, and review other customer-related data.

How do I see what a customer purchased?

View a customer’s purchase history from the Customer List or with the Sales by Customer report.

Can I merge two or more customers’ purchase histories?

No, you cannot merge multiple customers’ purchase histories together.

Can I reprint or email an old customer receipt?

Yes. In BackOffice, you can download receipts from the Transactions Report. Print the receipt to a computer printer or attach the file to an email.

Visit our Using the Register article to learn how to reprint receipts directly from the register itself.

Can I see if customers are clicking the links in email receipts?

Yes, the Marketing Dashboard breaks down how often customers click social media links in email receipts. This dashboard also displays details on top customers and Customer List growth.

Staff Reporting

Here you will find questions about staff, their sales, and time clock records.

How do I view an employee’s sales?

Run the Sales by Employee report to see employee sales totals for a chosen date range. You can also filter the Transactions Report by employee or print a specific employee’s X or Z report at the register.

How do I keep employees from seeing shift reports?

Cashiers can always view their personal shift report, but only managers can see shift reports for all employees. If you do not want an employee to view shift report totals other than their own, assign them cashier permissions for the register.

Is there a labor report that I can use to do payroll?

No, but you can use the Time Clock to see each employee’s total hours worked.

ShopKeep Pocket Reporting

This section covers questions related to reporting available in the ShopKeep Pocket app.

What is the difference between the ‘Dashboard’ and the ‘Transactions’ tabs?

The ‘Dashboard’ tab displays summaries of sales activity, tender totals, top items, and active registers. The ‘Transactions’ tab provides detailed information about individual transactions.

What is a comparison period?

A comparison period is a span of time the selected date range is measured against in the ‘Dashboard’ and ‘Transactions’ tabs.

Can I look up customer receipts in the Pocket app?

Yes, receipts are available under the ‘Transactions’ tab. Visit our ShopKeep Pocket article to learn how to view receipts in the app.

What do the measures in ShopKeep Pocket mean?

The reporting measures in ShopKeep Pocket allow you to change the metric used to rank top items in the ‘Dashboard’ tab and to choose what information appears at the top of the ‘Transactions’ tab. Visit our ShopKeep Pocket article for individual measure definitions.

Can I delete transactions from ShopKeep Pocket?

No. The same as with BackOffice reporting, data in ShopKeep Pocket cannot be deleted or edited.

Can I view combined totals for all of my locations?

No, each location must be viewed individually within the ShopKeep Pocket app. Use the Sales by Location report in BackOffice to see combined sales information for all linked locations.

Can I see time clock or employee sales reporting in ShopKeep Pocket?

No, this type of reporting is only available in BackOffice. Use the Time Clock report to view employee time punches or the Sales by Employee report to view employee sales totals.

Can I view X or Z reports in the Pocket app?

No. However, many of the details on these reports can be found in the Sales activity and Active registers sections under the ‘Dashboard’ tab. For an overview of both sections, visit the ShopKeep Pocket article.

What if I have a question about downloading or using ShopKeep Pocket?

Visit our Advanced Topics FAQ for answers to ShopKeep Pocket questions unrelated to reporting.

Miscellaneous Reporting

This section focuses on miscellaneous reporting questions not covered in the sections above.

Can I adjust or change reports?

The only report you can adjust is the Time Clock report. All other reports are not editable, even if the report contains errors.

Can I print reports from BackOffice?

Yes, most reports have a print and/or export option.

If a report has a print option: click ‘Print’ and print it from your web browser.
If a report has an export option: export the report, open it in spreadsheet software, and print it from there.

Can I export reports from BackOffice?

If a report has an ‘Export’ button, it can be exported. The following reports cannot be exported and must be viewed in BackOffice: Analytics Dashboard, Shifts Summary, Pay Ins and Payouts, Adjustment History, Inventory Value, and Marketing Dashboard.

Can I delete reports from the Export Center?

No, but reports are automatically removed from the Export Center after 7 days.

How can I get help with a report that displays incorrect information?

Visit our Analytics Troubleshooting guide for help solving common reporting issues.

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