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Grocery Stores

With BackOffice set up, now’s the time to start becoming familiar with your register. Learn how to ring sales, sign in and out, use the time clock, and more.

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Import Inventory Items

Grocery stores usually have hundreds, if not thousands, of SKUs. Import your inventory items from a spreadsheet for the most efficient experience.

If you have questions about importing or managing items, visit our Inventory FAQ.

Check out our Importing Stock Items Overview video below:

Importing Stock Items Overview (training guide)

  1. Click 'Items' and select 'Bulk Manage Items'.
  2. Press the 'New Job' button.
  3. With 'Add New Inventory' selected, click 'Next'.
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  4. Click 'Download a blank inventory template'.
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Visit our full Bulk Management support article to fill in your product info and import the template.

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Paper Receipt Setup

Customize your receipts with business info and contact details, plus, anything else you want to appear at the bottom. Sign into BackOffice as the business owner to follow the steps in this section.

Most grocery stores prefer to print receipts. If you’d like to also customize email receipts, visit this support article.

Check out our Receipt Settings video below:

Receipt Settings

  1. Click 'Settings' and select 'Receipts and Tips'.
  2. Click the 'Paper Receipt' tab.
  3. Fill in as much 'Business Info' as you want.
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  4. Select a tip and signature option for credit card sales.
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  5. Enter other info you want to include in 'Extra Text'.
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  6. Click 'Save' to finish up.

Want to learn more about receipts? Check out the Paper Receipts or Email Receipts support articles.

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Register Button Layout

Set up your button layout so cashiers can efficiently ring up items that cannot be scanned, like produce.

Watch our Register Button Layout video below:

Register Button Layout

  1. Click 'Items' and select 'Register Button Layout'.
  2. Type the name of an item to find it on the list.
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  3. Drag and drop the item into a position on the layout below.

Visit our Inventory Layout article to learn how to customize buttons and create additional button pages.

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Additional Features

Here are a few more features handpicked for grocery stores.

Add Staff

Add your staff to BackOffice so you can track their sales and use the built-in time clock.

If you have questions about adding or managing staff, visit our BackOffice FAQ.

  1. Click 'Staff and select 'Staff List'.
  2. Press 'Add Staff'.
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  3. Enter the employee's information.
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  4. Click 'Save' to finish up.

Check out our full Manage Staff support article for more information.

Additional Tenders

Do you accept EBT cards through an external terminal, personal checks, or any tenders other than cash & credit? Here’s how to enable those tenders and more.

  1. Click 'Settings' and select 'Tenders'.
  2. Check the box to enable a tender.
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    These tenders are for reporting purposes and do not indicate 3rd party integrations. All “External” tenders must be processed on a separate terminal and do not integrate with Shopkeep.

Check out our Liabilities and Redemptions support article for more on tender types.

Tax Settings

First, set your default tax: the rate that’s applied to all taxable inventory items. Then, add new tax groups for items that require a rate that’s different from the default.

Set the Default Tax Rate

  1. Click 'Settings' and select 'Taxes'.
  2. Click 'Sales Tax'.
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  3. Enter your rate and press 'Update'.
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  4. Enter the 'Name' and 'Rate'. Then, press 'Save'.
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  5. Assign relevant items to the new tax group.

    Assigning items to the new tax group overrides the default rate for those items.

For more on taxes, check out our Manage Tax Settings support article.

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After you set up your BackOffice, check out part 2: iPad Register for Grocery Stores!

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