BackOffice FAQ

BackOffice is the online portal where you manage inventory, view sales reports, and customize account settings. This guide covers some of the most frequently asked questions about BackOffice.

Table of Contents

Login & Access

This section answers questions about logging into and accessing BackOffice. Having trouble logging in or need to change your password? It’s all covered here.

I can’t log into BackOffice. How can I get help?

Visit our Login, Access, & Billing Troubleshooting guide for help solving common login-related issues.

How do I change the Business Owner password?

Click the Forgot your password? link on the BackOffice login page to reset the Business Owner password. If you need more help, visit our BackOffice Settings & Password article.

How do I create additional logins for BackOffice?

Visit the Manage Staff article to learn how to add a new employee and give them a BackOffice login.

How do I change an employee’s BackOffice password?

BackOffice passwords for employees can be reset by the Business Owner via the Staff List. Visit the Manage Employees article to learn how to edit an employee’s login details.

What should I do if I forget my BackOffice password?

Just reset your password to create a new one. Business Owners can reset their passwords via the BackOffice login page. Employees must have their password reset by the Business Owner via the Staff List.

Can I restrict employee access to specific areas of BackOffice?

No, employees with BackOffice privileges cannot have their access to certain areas restricted. So, for example, employees cannot be confined to only inventory pages. Visit the Manage Staff article to learn what employees can and cannot see in BackOffice.


This section addresses common account management and settings questions. Learn about deactivating registers, adding/removing licenses, and updating billing details.

Can I open or close a shift in BackOffice?

No, a shift can only be opened/closed from the ShopKeep register app on the iPad. If you need help opening/closing a shift, visit this support article.

My business stays open until after midnight. How do I view sales past 12 am?

Use the sort and filter options on the Transactions Report to view sales for any date/time range. Visit this support article to learn how to run this report.

How do I deactivate a register?

Deactivating a register requires access to both the register and BackOffice. Visit the Add & Remove Register Licenses article to learn how to perform this process.

How do I add/remove register licenses?

Register licenses are added/removed from the Register Licenses section in your BackOffice settings. Visit this support article to learn how to add, deactivate, or remove licenses from your account.

Can I activate more than one iPad on a single register license?

No, each iPad register requires its own separate license.

How do I update the credit card ShopKeep has on file for my account?

Billing details can be updated from the Manage Account section. Visit our Manage Account Billing article to learn how to add or update payment information.

Can I change the name of the Business Owner?

Sure, the Business Owner name and contact details can be updated from the Manage Account section. Visit this support article to learn how to update Business Owner information.

How do I change the time or time zone in BackOffice?

The time reflected on BackOffice reports cannot be changed directly from BackOffice. If transactions post to BackOffice with the wrong time, visit this troubleshooting guide for help solving the problem.

Can I customize what appears on receipts?

Yes. Visit the Paper Receipts and Email Receipts support articles to learn how to customize receipts.

Can I add my business logo to receipts?

Logos can be added to email receipts but cannot be added to printed paper receipts.

Can I change the tender options available on the register?

Yes. Visit the Tender Settings article to learn how to select active tenders, use tenders at the register, and view reporting on tenders.

Can customers leave tips?

Yes, customers can leave gratuity for credit card transactions. Visit the Tips & Gratuity article to learn about different options for accepting tips.

Where is the setting that allows customers to sign and tip on the same screen?

The Combine tip options and signature on the same screen setting is located in Receipt Settings. This setting is only visible when the account is set to Tip and signature on screen and when EMV payments are disabled.

Can I adjust incorrect opening and closing amounts in BackOffice?

No, it is not possible to adjust a shift’s opening/closing amount after you have opened/closed it.

Where can I create a custom discount?

Custom discounts can be created from the Discounts page (located under Settings). Visit our Discounts article to learn how to create, manage, and apply discounts.

Where can I set up multiple tax rates?

Tax rates can be set up from the Taxes page (located under Settings). Visit the Manage Tax Settings article to learn how to enter your default rate, set up additional rates, and assign tax rates to items.

Can I add more than one tax group to an item?

No. You can create as many tax groups as you want, but can only assign one to each item.

How do multiple locations work in BackOffice?

Each ShopKeep account is designed for a single physical location. Link existing locations together or create new linked locations in BackOffice to make it easier to switch between each store. Visit this support article to learn how to set up and manage multiple locations from BackOffice.

Can I cancel my account in BackOffice?

No, please contact us directly to cancel your account. Be sure to include your phone number, so a member of our team can reach out to you within 1 business day.

Marketing / Customers

To keep customers engaged, it’s important to know how to market your business. The questions in this section focus on customer management and marketing features in BackOffice.

How do I add new customers to my Customer List?

Add new customers to your Customer List either at the register or in BackOffice. Visit this support article to learn how to add/edit/tag customers and track their purchase history.

Can I transfer my Customer List from one ShopKeep location to another?

Customers cannot be automatically transferred between locations, but they can be copied over manually. Visit this support article to learn how to copy the customers from one location to another.

Where can I view a snapshot of recently added customers?

The total number of recently added customers can be seen on the Marketing Dashboard.

How do I delete customers from the Customer List?

You can remove customers one at a time from the Customer List or in bulk with Bulk Customer Management. Be aware that deleted customers still appear on the Sales by Customer report, but you cannot filter by their names or view their purchase history. Visit this support article to learn how to delete customers.

How can I get help managing my Customer List?

Visit our Manage Customers article to learn the ins and outs of customer management. If you run into problems, visit the Customer Management Troubleshooting guide for help solving common issues.

Can I view customer purchase histories?

Sure, you can view any customer’s purchase history from the Customer List or by visiting the Sales by Customer Report.

Can I merge two or more customers’ purchase histories?

No, you cannot merge together multiple customers’ purchase histories.

Can I add or tag a customer to a sale after the sale is complete?

No. You must tag a customer to a sale while the transaction is in progress at the register.

How can I link customers to my social media pages?

You can add social media links to the Email Receipts you send to customers. After emailing some receipts, visit the Marketing Dashboard to see how often customers click your links.

Is it possible to print a customer’s receipt from BackOffice?

Yes, customer receipts can be downloaded from the Transaction Table, then emailed to a customer or printed to a computer printer.

Can I create or send customer invoices for billing?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create or send invoices from the register or BackOffice.


This section answers questions related to managing staff in BackOffice. Here we’ll cover adding/deleting staff, granting BackOffice access, understanding register codes, and time clock punches.

How can I get help setting up and managing my staff?

Visit our Manage Staff article for an overview of BackOffice staff management. If you run into issues, check out the Staff/Employee Troubleshooting guide for help with some common problems.

How do I give an employee BackOffice access?

You can grant BackOffice access to an employee by assigning them a login and password through the Staff List. Visit our Manage Staff article to learn how to add a new employee or edit an existing one.

What are manager and cashier codes?

These are the 4 digit login codes that give an employee access to the ShopKeep register app. Visit the Manage Staff article to learn how to add or edit employee register codes.

How can I turn a cashier into a manager?

To make a cashier a manager, just edit that employee and select the ‘Register Manager’ option. Visit this support article to learn how to edit employees in BackOffice.

How can I adjust an employee’s time clock punch?

Employees with BackOffice access can adjust time clock punches by following the steps in the Time Clock support article.

How do I delete an employee?

Employees can be removed from your Staff List by following the steps in our Manage Staff article.

What happens once I delete an employee?

Once an employee is deleted from the Staff List, they are no longer able to access the register or BackOffice. A deleted employee’s time punches remain available in Time Clock reporting.

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