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BackOffice is the account management portal where you manage inventory, export reports, review sales data and customize your account settings. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding BackOffice for your convenience.

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Login & Access

If you’re having trouble accessing BackOffice, it could be due to how you’ve entered your login information.

I can’t log into BackOffice. How can I get help?

Visit our Login, Access, & Billing Troubleshooting guide for help solving common login-related issues.

How do I change my account owner password?

Change account owner password by clicking the Forgot Password? link on the BackOffice login screen. Enter your account owner email and follow the steps on the BackOffice Settings and Password guide.

How can I create another login for BackOffice?

Visit the Manage Staff article to learn how to add a new employee and give them a BackOffice login.

How can I change my employee’s password?

Employees who have access to BackOffice can have their passwords changed by the account owner by visiting the Staff list.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

Account owners can reset a forgotten password by clicking the Forgot Password? link on the BackOffice login page. Follow the steps to resetting the password on the BackOffice Settings and Password guide.

Can I restrict specific employees from viewing all of BackOffice and only allow them to only view inventory?

Employees who have BackOffice privileges will have access to almost all its functions and cannot be restricted to only see inventory views. They will have limited Settings access and will not be able to change account settings under Manage Account.


This section addresses common account management and settings questions. Quickly learn how to deactivate registers, change licenses, and update billing information.

Can I open or close a shift in BackOffice?

No, shifts can only be opened and closed from the ShopKeep app itself.

How do I make my registers inactive?

To make registers inactive, all shifts on the registers need to be closed. Once you’ve closed the shift(s), change the registers to inactive in the Register Settings.

How do I deactivate a register?

Close all shifts on the register and visit Settings in BackOffice to deactivate the register license.

Self-deactivation is compatible with registers on version 2.12.0 or later. Check out this article if you need help updating the ShopKeep register app.

How do I add/delete register licenses?

Register licenses can be added or removed by visiting Register Licenses in Settings on the sidebar. Registers must have all shifts closed and must be made inactive prior to removing the license.

Can I have more than one iPad on a single license?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Only one license can be activated on one iPad at a time.

How do I update my credit card that ShopKeep has on file?

Billing information can be changed by clicking Manage Account and entering new payment information.

How can I change the time or time zone in BackOffice?

The time reflected in the reporting, analytics, and Staff List of BackOffice can be adjusted by following the suggestions on the BackOffice Analytics Troubleshooting guide.

Can I customize what appears on receipts?

Yes, you can customize receipts in the Receipt Settings section. Visit the Paper Receipts or Email Receipts support article for information on this process.

How can I change the tender options on the register?

Tender options can easily be changed by following the Selecting Active Tenders section on the Liabilities and Redemptions article.

Is it possible for customers to tip?

Yes, it is possible and there are a number of options for collecting tips. Check out the Tips & Gratuity article to find out more.

Additionally, the Tip Later feature is a simple setting that can be enabled in your Receipt Settings. Follow the steps on the Tip Later guide.

Is it possible to adjust incorrect opening and closing amounts in BackOffice?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to adjust already submitted opening and closing amounts. Read through the Opening & Closing Your Shift guide to learn more about proper workflow.

Where can I create a custom discount?

Discounts can easily be created by visiting Settings on the sidebar in BackOffice. Check out the steps on our Discounts page.

Where can I create multiple tax rates?

Multiple tax rates can be created in the Register Settings. Learn how to add, remove, and edit tax rates by checking out the Manage Tax Settings article.

Can I add more than one tax group to an item?

No. You can create as many tax groups as you want, but can only assign one to each item.

Can I cancel my account in BackOffice?

Unfortunately, accounts cannot be canceled from BackOffice. If you’d like to cancel your account, contact our Customer Care team. Include your phone number so an Account Services Team member can reach out to you within 1 business day.

Marketing / Customers

To keep customers engaged with your business, it’s important to market yourself and any social media profiles to them. These questions address managing your Customer List.

How do I add new customers to my customer list?

Add customers one-by-one at the register or in BackOffice. Import multiple customers at once using a spreadsheet with Bulk Customer Management.

Where can I view a snapshot of recently added customers?

The total number of recently added customers can be seen on the Marketing Dashboard.

How are customers deleted from the customer list?

Remove customers one by one by visiting the Customer List and selecting the name to remove. Deleting multiple customers at once can be accomplished by Customer Bulk Management.

How can I get help managing my customer list?

Visit our Manage Customers article for a primer on BackOffice customer management. If you run into problems, check out the Customer Management Troubleshooting guide for help with some common issues.

Can I view customer purchase histories?

Sure, you can view any customer’s purchase history from the customer list or by visiting the Sales by Customer Report.

Can I add or tag a customer to a sale after the sale is complete?

No. You must tag a customer to a sale while the transaction is in progress at the register.

How can I link customers to my social media pages?

You can add social media links to the Email Receipts you send to customers. After emailing some receipts, visit the Marketing Dashboard to see how often customers click your links.

Is it possible to print a customer’s receipt from BackOffice?

Unfortunately, printing a receipt directly from BackOffice is not possible. Customer receipts can be downloaded from the Transaction Table, then emailed to your customer or printed from a computer printer.

How can I create or send customer invoices for billing?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send invoices from the register or BackOffice.


This section addresses adding and deleting staff from the Staff List, granting BackOffice permissions, understanding the employee/manager code, and changing time clocks.

How can I get help setting up and managing my staff?

Visit our Manage Staff article for an overview of BackOffice staff management. If you run into issues, check out the Staff/Employee Troubleshooting guide for help with some common problems.

How do I give my employee BackOffice access?

BackOffice permissions can be given to employees by visiting the Staff List under Staff on the sidebar.

What are the manager and employee codes?

These are the 4 digit login codes that allow access to the register app. Visit the Manage Staff article to view more about setting up register codes.

How can I adjust an employee’s time clock?

The account owner can adjust an employee’s time clock by following the steps on the Time Clock guide.

How do I delete an employee?

Employees can be removed from your Staff List by following the quick steps on our Manage Staff guide.

What happens once I delete an employee?

Once a staff member has been removed from the BackOffice Staff List, they no longer have access to the register or BackOffice (BackOffice manager). The deleted employee’s time punches will still be recorded in past Time Clock reporting.

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