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Advanced topics include specialized functions and integrations like Serverless Sync™ and Apple Pay. Here are the most frequently asked questions about these types of features.

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Credit Card Processing

This section addresses common credit card processing questions. Need to get set up? Check out the Credit Card Processing support article.

What credit card readers work with ShopKeep?

ShopKeep is only compatible with the MagTek iDynamo, Ingenico iCMP, and Ingenico iPP series credit card readers purchased directly from

Can I use an external credit card machine?

External terminals, like those provided by credit card processors, do not integrate directly with ShopKeep. If you have to use one, enable External Credit/Debit as active tenders for cashiers to use at the register.

Can I run credit cards with no internet?

No, ShopKeep needs an active internet connection to process credit cards.

If the internet is offline, accept only non-credit tenders or take an imprint of the card and enter it later. Card number, expiration date, CVV code, and billing ZIP are all required for a manual credit card sale.

Check out the Accepting Credit Cards support article to learn more.

Can I accept debit cards?

Sure, as long as the card has a Visa/MasterCard/AMEX/Discover logo. Swipe debit cards just like credit cards, but be aware that PIN entry is not supported.

Can I accept payments online?

Credit Card payments can not be accepted online through ShopKeep or BackOffice. Accept payments online through your BigCommerce account with our web-store eCommerce integration.

How do customers sign for credit card sales?

Customers can sign and tip on the iPad screen or on a printed receipt.

Visit the Tips and Gratuity article to learn how to change the Tips and Signature setting.

Can I disable the customer copy or business copy of the credit card receipt?

No. When customers sign and tip on a paper receipt, the customer copy and business copy of the receipt will always automatically print.

Do I need to enter the tip right after swiping a card?

No, cashiers can enter gratuity from a paper receipt at any point after the sale with the Tip Later feature. Go to the Tip Later support article to see how it works.

What happens if a cashier forgets to enter a tip?

Cashiers must enter the tip before finalizing a sale. There is no way to add gratuity to a sale after it is closed.

Can I adjust a tip after entering it?

No. Users cannot change a sale’s gratuity after entering it.

If the gratuity is more than it should be, consider returning the sale and re-ringing the correct amount.

How can I view gratuity reporting and pay out tips?

Go to the Tips and Gratuity support article to find out about these processes.

Do I need the customer’s credit card for a return?

No, you don’t. A return automatically refunds money back to the card used in the original sale. Manual returns to a credit card are not allowed.

Visit the Performing Returns support article for the entire return process.

Can I refund a tip without returning the entire sale?

No. A cashier must return the sale to refund its gratuity.

How do I settle my batch when the business closes?

ShopKeep sets up accounts for automatic batch closure at 12:00 am local time. Contact Customer Care if you are concerned batches are not closing or if the business does not receive funding.

Can I change credit card processors?

Sure. The first step is to fill out an updated ISO boarding form. We will test the new account and reach out via email to schedule a time to make the switch. The email is sent to the account owner email on file and a timely response is required before proceeding with the switch.

Is ShopKeep PCI compliant?

Yes. ShopKeep credit card readers instantly encrypt customer info when a cashier swipes a card. This data travels through our payment gateway to your processor. ShopKeep does not store sensitive credit card information on the iPad or in BackOffice. Check out this guide for more information.

How can I get help with a credit card processing issue?

Visit our Troubleshooting Guide for help with most common problems and error messages.

Apple Pay

Look no further for answers to popular questions about using Apple Pay with ShopKeep.

How do I set up Apple Pay?

The business must use a compatible processor, Apple Pay enabled card reader, and the latest version of ShopKeep. Go to the ShopKeep and Apple Pay support article for complete details.

Which devices can customers pay with?

Customers can pay with any compatible iPhone or Apple Watch. Visit Apple Support for a complete list of supported models.

How do I accept Apple Pay on a sale?

Tender the sale as Credit. The customer must hold their device within 1″ of the card reader.

For a walkthrough, visit the ShopKeep and Apple Pay support article.

ShopKeep Pocket

This section covers frequently asked questions about our mobile app, ShopKeep Pocket.

What devices is Pocket available for?

Pocket is available for all iOS & Android devices.

Where do I download ShopKeep Pocket?

Depending on what kind of device you have, download Pocket from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Visit our ShopKeep Pocket for iOS & Android support article for help downloading Pocket.

Can I run sales, check inventory, or perform other actions in Pocket?

No. ShopKeep Pocket is a mobile reporting app designed to show recent sales data for all of your stores.

How do I refresh my sales in Pocket?

Swipe from top to bottom with one finger to update Pocket’s sales information.

How can I get help if I have an issue with Pocket?

Visit our ShopKeep Pocket Troubleshooting guide for help solving most common problems.

Serverless Sync™

Serverless Sync enables the business to view open checks from any register on the same WiFi network.

How do I enable Serverless Sync?

Turning on Serverless Sync is a multi-step process involving both the iPad and BackOffice. Visit the Serverless Sync support article to learn more.

What specifications must my network meet to run Serverless Sync?

Visit our Serverless Sync article for detailed specifications regarding Serverless Sync compatibility.

Why are checks not showing up on all registers?

Go to the Checks Screen Troubleshooting guide to fix any issues related to checks/registers staying in sync.

Can I disable Serverless Sync?

Yes, Serverless Sync can be disabled in BackOffice. DO NOT disable Serverless Sync in the middle of a shift. Make sure all checks and shifts have been closed before disabling in BackOffice. Uncheck the box shown in our Serverless Sync Setup guide, then hit Get Updates on your registers to disable.

MailChimp Integration

This section answers some common questions about ShopKeep’s integration with MailChimp. If you have questions about setting up this integration, visit the MailChimp Integration Setup article.

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is a marketing service you can use to send mass emails to your customers. MailChimp integration enables you to automatically sync your ShopKeep customer list to MailChimp.

What customer information syncs to MailChimp?

First/last names and email addresses sync from ShopKeep to MailChimp.

Can I sync my ShopKeep customer list to multiple MailChimp lists?

No, you can only sync your ShopKeep customers with one MailChimp list.

Where can I learn about how to use MailChimp?

Learn the basics of using MailChimp directly from the source! Click the links below for more information.

  • Getting Started with MailChimp
  • MailChimp Resources
  • MailChimp Support
  • How can I get help for an issue related to MailChimp integration?

    Visit our MailChimp Integration Troubleshooting guide for help solving most common problems.

    Can I unlink MailChimp from ShopKeep?

    Sure thing, just visit this support article for the steps to do so.

    QuickBooks® Integration

    This section answers some common questions about using ShopKeep’s QuickBooks integration. If you have questions about setting up this integration, visit the QuickBooks Integration Setup article.

    Will my data sync to QuickBooks if I have an open check when I close my shift?

    Yes. The shift will sync normally and will contain the sales and returns performed while it was open. The check will only sync after you close it and will be included in the shift during which it was closed.

    Can the integration sync previous days’ reporting to QuickBooks?

    No. Information starts syncing on the day you enable QuickBooks integration.

    Can I sync my ShopKeep inventory or time clock data?

    No. QuickBooks integration only syncs register activity like sales, returns, and payouts.

    Can I sync information from QuickBooks to ShopKeep?

    No. The synchronization between ShopKeep and QuickBooks is a one-way street. Information can only sync from ShopKeep to QuickBooks.

    Can I manually import information from ShopKeep to QuickBooks?

    Sure, but we cannot provide support to help you with this. If you need help importing data to QuickBooks, visit QuickBooks Online Support.

    How can I get help using QuickBooks?

    Intuit offers a number of resources to help you hone your QuickBooks skills:

  • QuickBooks Tutorials
  • QuickBooks Webinars
  • QuickBooks Online Support
  • Contact QuickBooks Support
  • How can I get help with an issue related to QuickBooks integration?

    Visit our QuickBooks Integration Troubleshooting guide for help solving most common problems.

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